Serenity Now! Do they make disposable single use sheets?

Aquanet, stinky sticky and effective.



One of thesetwo methods have worked for old stains for me.
Spot treat and then launder:

Oxyclean and dishwashing liquid.

Clorox and dishwashing liquid.

Canwork very well…try one and then the other if. I was pleasantlysurprised at the results on those greasy shhet stains.

squeeze a tide pod on it. don’t eat afterwards. leave overnight. cleans in a jiffy.

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It’s the alcohol in the hairspray that is doing the work. This is why, where I’m from, alcohol sales were illegal on Sundays, so the alcoholics would buy things like this to try to get inebriated by. Try just using denatured rubbing alcohol. Or vodka/ everclear if you have that in your pantry. :slight_smile:

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We should write a book on laundry and cleaning by Airbnb hosts!


I thought you had the BEST business idea, but someone’s beat you to it:

Those are expensive enough that it makes me wonder who would be using them on a regular basis. They might be good for someplace with severe water rationing but once it gets to that apopolytic state clean sheets will be the last of anyone’s worries.

Also, more trash, yay.

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They are probably intended for people with gross and disgusting skin diseases. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Apparently 15 to 25% of people at any one time have athletes foot for a start. My son has it so I have just bought a laundry detergent called Halo which is meant to kill bacteria and spores. Eeuw.

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Can you imagine the waste?

Wow! LOL! But wait… I might not have to worry if I keep having guests like my last group of 6 (3 couples) who left today. They didn’t sleep between the sheets! After two nights beds were still crisply made, even the pillow cases still had creases in them. I iron the pillow cases and top portion of the flat sheet and they were still as smooth and wrinkle free as when I made the bed with hospital corners tightly in place.

Looks like all three couples slept on top of the quilts, used the pillows in the shams instead of the ones behind them with just pillow cases and then covered themselves with the down-alternative throw I have folded at the bottom of each bed. At least that’s my guess. Even the quilts on the two platform beds still had hospital corners (I tuck them in all the way around since the beds have no box spring).

Guess you just never know. They were great guests. To each their own!

They left me this note on the fridge. The wine bottles in the drawing are a nice touch (they were here for a wine weekend):

There is a town near me where the aquifer is almost dry, after that they are SOL for ground water.