Semen stains, been through the dryer:(

So my lovely Xmas group with their teenage sons splooged on the white sheets, twice. I did not catch it prior to laundering, they had stripped the beds (against my checkout instructions) and now they went through the wash and dryer.

Thankfully my eagle eyed housekeeper spotted the spots and left them on top of the wash machine for me. So yesterday I treated the spots with blue dawn and they have been soaking in bleach water all night.

Any other ideas to get them out? I Have not inspected them this morning maybe they are gone…


Bac-Out by Biokleen. Its enzymes specifically work especially well on body fluids and it works well after a stain has been dried. The dawn really only works for grease-based stains like food and makeup.

Not sure what stores you have nearby. You can certainly order it online but Whole Foods, Target, etc usually has it. If you have a little hippie Co-Op grocery, they usually have it too.


I had to Google that…

Then i read the topic title. Must be an Americanism :rofl:


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It will come out in the wash, it is bodily fluids. Rest assured, this will not be the last time, and rest assured, everyone in life has had these ‘stains’ happen… it is part of daily life

It did not come out in the wash 1st time around, hence my post…

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If you wash them in the wrong temperature, I can understand that:

“ Washable fabrics

Fresh stains are usually removed easily by rinsing with cold water. It’s important to use cold water because higher temperatures can coagulate the protein in semen and set it into the fabric fibres, causing a permanent stain

If the sheets are white, you might try Hydrogen Peroxide.

After too many stains made it through the first wash, my wife and I got in the habit of stretching out each sheet, blanket, and towel with both of us carefully looking, then flipping them over and looking at the other side. If we found any spots, I would rinse them with a high-pressure spray of cold water in the shower before they went into the washing machine. This worked on everything except some makeup stains.

Normally I hang out the laundry to dry, but right now there is snow on the ground so I missed it.

I ran the sheet through another wash, and hung over shower rod and inspected, which will have to be the new winter protocol I guess. I did not find the stains, but I am not putting in dryer either I will check again after its dried more.