Security camera recommendations

Ok, all you techies out there, I am looking for a two-camera outdoor security system that I can monitor remotely (I live 20 minutes away from my Air property). I want a stand-alone screen, images that are clear enough to see faces up to ten feet away, and I want to be able to save a video sequence to be able to show the police, if need be. It would also be great if I could block off a tree or shrub so that wind doesn’t set off the motion detector. Any recommendations?

I will add that I need this ASAP because my 16 year-old daughter brought her idiot boyfriend to my Air place a couple of days ago when I was cleaning. I’ve already banned him from our house – I could kill her (but that is illegal). I overheard the boyfriend saying, “We could have SO MUCH FUN HERE!” My place is a bit hidden in a corner and next to open space. I am going to alert my neighbors to call me if any teenagers show up and start partying on the back deck!

I don’t have a security camera since I am onsite. I think you need one additional feature. [tongue firmly in cheek] You need a camera with face recognition so that should the Idiot Boyfriend come anywhere near the front door of your condo, the camera will call you while initiating an Amber Alert type beep on your phone.

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I am in love with my Nest camera. The original one. Not the new outdoor one.


I’ll check it out. I know it doesn’t have its own monitor but I could always buy one.

I access through any web browser and my phone app. I love it and its 10 day history.


We are installing Nest cams tomororow, in hopes of thwarting our tresspassing neighbors. Le sigh.


@CatskillsGrrl can you post a link to the Nest camera you use? Why do you prefer it over the outdoor new one? Thanks!

i would recommend nest at 100pc

can you provide a link to the product on AMAZON or some other site?

@barefootNM & @parkerfairfield - this is the one I use, but I am lucky enlough to have a garage with a window that faces the entry side of the house. My camera sits in there. The new Exterior camera they came out with is probably great on many levels execept for the cord that is clearly visible. If you’re looking for something unobtrusive their exterior camera might not fit the bill.

This is an example of a photo.

There is also an infrared feature that I don’t use because it just reflects off the glass. You can set it to record motion events in a specific area only, which is convenient if my hydrangeas are too tall. The cloud account keeps 10 days worth of recording and I can make a clip of anything I want and keep it forever, or make the clip public.

I use the camera in conjunction with the thermostat and Smoke/CO2 detectors.

LOL!! “Idiot boyfriend!” Just cause my daughters also had idiot boyfriends! I was thinking about getting a security camera also - so thanks for that question.

I like the Unifi devices. They are quite good, at a reasonable price.

Personally I do not like Nest as a brand. It has nothing to do with the products, but with the owner, and how it works.

We ended up installing a Ring bc the Nest Outdoor is not immediately available. We have Nest devices and would have preferred to go with Nest, but needed the camera ASAP.

@KKC also uses Ring. I really like everything about this camera, except after about 5 seconds into the recorded feed, it freezes then picks back up 5 seconds later. So people that were standing on my front porch, just disappear no way to know where they went. I’m hoping @KKC can offer some insight.

Yes, I have the Ring doorbell and it’s also glitchy at times. Sometimes I’m trying to view the live feed after it’s triggered and I get a black screen or a pixelated picture. But I’m still happy overall. I’d contact Ring and ask if this is a known problem, maybe there is a software update. Sometimes I can’t see the video the first time but if look again later it’s ok. It certainly is quick and easy to install.

Okay! Glad its not just us! Its actually kinda creepy when it glitches and the people just disappear!

Install was super easy and it has great range.


It is like streaming 10 years ago. :slight_smile:

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EXACTLY!!! Or like something from a Horror movie.

Thanks, all of you. I picked up two Nest cameras to be installed by my very handy Handy Man on Friday – yay!

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@sandy2 the indoor ones? Or did you get ahold of the outdoor ones?? If the outdoor I would love to hear how they work

I haven’t opened the box yet but on the box, it says, “Who’s at the front door? Did your package arrive? What’s the dog getting into?”. I think it is the outdoor one, but the box doesn’t say one way or the other. I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile: