Security camera recommendations

I just opened the box. No info in the box, either, if it is good to go outdoors. I think I have to go to their website.

I have to return them – I got the indoor ones …

Depending on what you want to use them for, people do use them outside. They just wouldn’t work for what we were looking for.

The outdoor one is available for pre-order and it looks like I can order it now via Best Buy and get it next week.

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Awesome!! We have some trespassing neighbors, so I had to get a camera up NOW. I already told the Hubs we may be replacing it with the Nest. I will wait for you report on it in a few weeks!

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We have used the RING stick up camera and the Nest outdoor camera. We didn’t like the Nest bc the battery drained too quickly, we live on a busy a sidewalk, apparently. We love the Nest the only issue we have is that if there are too many wifi users the camera goes off line. There is a simple answer to this, upgrade our internet. LOL