Seattle Washington Home Insurance?

I was previously with Travelers and had mentioned that did Airbnb from the beginning. In December there was a faucet eruption that led to some damages resulting in a claim being filed by me.

I now have received an email stating Travelers/ Geico would not insure my home anymore because it is being Airbnb-ed out.

I now need to scramble for a new insurance to cover my home that I Airbnb in Washington state. Any suggestions? It seems Travelers is the main one and I am now stressing out!

They didn’t notice the Airbnb disclosure until you filed a claim. When they saw it, they canceled you.

Cbiz does regular and Airbnb specific insurance

I know it’s too late now but in case it can help anyone reading this thread.

I know water can do a lot of damage, even a slow leak. But unless the damage is thousands of dollars and you really can’t afford to pay for it yourself…don’t make an insurance claim. Don’t even call to ask them about it because it still counts as a claim even if you don’t have them do any work. It’s best to save insurance for the big disasters.

Proper is another company whose name has come up on this forum.


I was going to say the same thing. Don’t use your insurance except for the big things. Roofs flying off and the like.

I have heard that proper is canceling policies in the California fire area. Not a good sign of good faith.

I think the OP is asking about regular insurance not STR. For STR you can always use Slice, the per day service.

Hey all! I am inquiring about short term rentals (Airbnb) / STR.

Currently working on getting some qutoes, but would like more options since Travelers is a main one.
I will check out CBIZ
Proper said they only ensure ENTIRE units (no room sharing) right now. Again, I’m in Washington State.
Travelers will not insure me.

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I’m super confused now. Did your main homeowners get canceled or your STR?


I live in the house,
It is a duplex.
The upstairs I have a private room.
The downstairs unit is completely Airbnb whenever possible to book.

They cancelled the policy for the entire home stating they didn’t know it was for Airbnb, even though this was mentioned.

So now, I am left to look for insurance.

In the future, I will not file insurance claims. I assumed that since I was paying for it, I might as well have used it :frowning:

Sounds like his home he rents out a room in on a short term basis.

Have you tried Safeco?

I will get in touch with them! Just submitted quote request with CBIZ

USAA if you qualify?

Sorry for being so dense but are you in the market for an insurance that covers both regular homeowner and STR?

No, I am sorry, I’ve been checking for feedbacks to see who else to reach out to.

Forgive me, but do I need homeowners AND short term ? I thought I would just let them know that I am doing Airbnb AND also living in the house as well and they’d determine the necessary coverage/ type?

No, I wouldn’t advise that. You are going to get turned down by just about everyone. You might need to have a regular policy and an additional one for short term.

Lots of the traditional ones consider Air as a commercial activity in your house and will not cover you.

You could get a new homeowners and then shop separately for coverage for STR by someone else. Or use the Slice, it’s $7 per night.

WOW! Really?
I am baffled. That’s insane.
I guess I will try to compare the pricing between doing a regular policy then also a short term rental policy

Previously my premium was $600 and I had Progressive give a quote for $1200 (online) and then someone else local that gave me a quote for $1500. This is doubled!

Checking out Slice now.

Eventually the mainstream companies will offer riders for people doing STR. If they cover motorcyles, they will eventually cover STR, which is much less dangerous. I know that doesn’t help you now though.

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Yes for sure, the insurance companies are way behind the times. But they would make so many sales if they would just offer riders!

Thanks! I am looking at Slice right now. It’s $7.75/night.

It seems I’d need to add nights manually, is there a way to connect it with the Airbnb calendar?
In addition, it seems a bit pricey no? That means that it would be $2790 for the year if booked all months.

PS. So happy to have found this site.It’s really helping a lot!

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You aren’t going to be booked every night. Is that per listing?

I’m only $40 to $50 a night so I won’t be paying $7 a night for insurance. But I can see for some listings it would be an okay deal. I’m always skeptical about these new companies. What if they aren’t there when you need them? What if they don’t really pay out? Just put the money in the bank and self insure is the way I go. But my home is paid for so I don’t have to worry about the bank hounding me while I look for a new company…if need be.

Exactly. Proper already dumped a bunch of customers who are in the Sonoma CA fire zone. But traditional companies are not immune from running from their customers when times get tough. Isn’t that why we pay them?