Seattle Washington Home Insurance?

I’m still trying to figure slice out for my property.

I get booked a decent amount. Even if I get booked 1/2 the year it would be pricey. …

OMG. I just tried to do a sample, but Slice seem like it would be annoying> I’d need to manually add in each guest?

Not sure, but I think it would make sense. They need the names to know who they are insuring?? Guessing here.

But back to your original question… search this forum for insurance. Someone from Farmers posted recently saying they were a broker and could do both homeowners with a rider for STR.

It is not a new activity people have been running Bed and Breakfast for much longer than I have been around.

The usual issue is that people do not want to pay for commercial cover, some insurers for domestic policies will cover incidental short term renting but obviously depends where you are.

The problem with Slice etc is with the primary insurance, the norm would be that the primary will not cover you whether you buy Slice or not.

Not sure Slice point this out, seems to be designed for people who have forgotten to tell their regular insurer they are doing short term rentals.

Anything you buy on a daily rather than annual basis will be expensive, costs a lot to handle.

What did Safeco say?

Safeco online quote didn’t work. I had to send an email to a representative… no response.

@konacoconutz do oyu think it would be better to just do the 1200-1300 plan if they are able to cover for homeowners as well as STR?

Which plan? Slice has that?

They had a home sharing section.

Also, a local insurance broker siad there was one available through Foremost, but this was more expensive than the Progressive quote.

actually never/… i am not sure now -_- it seems that it is through Slice?

Really? Slice offers a traditional homeowners product as well? That price you gave was very good, at least it would be for Hawaii.

I host in Seattle and use USAA and have never filed a claim. However, I have called them twice (once recently) to confirm they’ll cover my AirBnB, and they say yes, so long as it is my guestroom. I gather they won’t cover an investment property rented on AirBnB.

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Yes, it is my regular homeowner’s policy. Both times I called (once two years ago, once a month or two ago), I couldn’t believe they were fine with me having an AirBnB. I said, “Are you sure this isn’t operating a business?” and they kept saying, “As long as you’re on site and live there, it’s fine.”

However, their umbrella policy won’t cover you if you have a STR.

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I think we had this same discussion two years ago… but when I called them about renting a room in my home and used the A word they nearly hung up on me. But they don’t insure in Hawaii anyway (why not? They have a lot of military stationed over here) so the point was moot.

We are also in Washington and use Prosper for our rental. State Farm couldn’t touch the property and had nothing to cover us in the way we needed, but Prosper covers nearly everything and should be perfect if you are staying while also hosting. A little pricey, but fully protected on the most random of things. Worth a look, and possibly the extra bucks. They are backed by Lloyds of London.

Hey Coho,
Prosper couldn’t do the property since I occupy one room in it and if there are private rooms, then they could not provide insurance. They said, if there are private rooms, then ‘we will have to wait to address full property/liability insurance until our new policy is available .’

Additional update I received regarding Safeco, "
Thank you for the email. Safeco (or PEMCO, our other property carrier) do not currently have an endorsement for short-term rental (AIr BnB , VRBO). There are carriers that will write those properties (Foremost & Cbiz come to mind) but we do not have an appointment or affiliation."

Update from CBIZ:

‘Unfortunately our company will not write coverage for any vacation rental business where space is shared between people that are not traveling together, or between the host and the guests.’

Anyone else running into this issue? Seems like insurance for Airbnb has been restricted to host not living in the house?

:frowning: seems options are rather limited. I will give Progressive a call later today to inquire about the online quote received.

I’m confused, didn’t you say it was a duplex where the bottom suite is rented out? If it is self contained then it should qualify.