Reviews removals

It seems to me that ABB removes reviews too easily nowadays. From a couple of years back where they won’t remove revenge reviews now it’s enough to call and have a review removed.

Remember the topic with the guest who coughed non-stop? She was also a host. I reviewed in the last day, last hour and a few hours later I get a warning from Airbnb that my review got removed because they felt it was not informative enough. WTH!

In my review I presented simply the facts, that she came to my house without announcing me that she was ill, that I was upset and asked if she could possibly had covid and if she got tested and that in the end I reduced her stay from 6 days to one and she threatened to sue me for dscrimination.

How is not informative???

It’s the second time this has happened to me. The first time also with a host, I kicked her out (read called customer service and ask their stay to be reduced to one day) because she was very demanding and complained about everything. She left me a nasty review, full of bad words, that I got removed. In my review also I explained the facts and she got it removed as well.

Is this the new norm now, that it’s enough to call and have a review removed? Does anyone have a link to the actual guidelines?


PS. Yes, you’ll say that if I don’t like a guest I get them to leave. Yup, that’s exactly right! It happened 3 times last year, but I live in the house too and I don’t have to put up with people’s BS. If they complain/don’t like it, there’s the door! Of course I reimbursed them for the nights they didn’t stay. The vast majority of guests are OK.

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I have also noticed that they are removing reviews fairly frequently. They have not been my own but there are hosts in my area that have had multiple poor reviews removed in the last year or so. I would wonder if this makes the review system unreliable except that I believe it already was unreliable anyway. Once posters and magnets and handouts were being sold to “explain” the review system to guests, we probably should’ve dropped the rating system entirely. It’s meaningless.


Seriously? There were pre-made/pre-printed items available for hosts to purchase that were specifically for soliciting good reviews?

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I’m sorry, I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not but, it’s everywhere.

These are also on Amazon.

And here’s a host pushing her magnets on reddit:

I guess some hosts gotta buy signs and magnets because guests just don’t understand the difference between the star ratings which are labeled as:

Excellent, Great, Good, Bad or Terrible.

It’s a special form of calculus. :wink:

I wasn’t. I never saw anything physical for sale. The digital stuff doesn’t surprise me, though.

I love the part on the sign about telling “my team” about any issues. I am the team.


Yes, there are a lot of magnets and a lot of digital downloads but there are also:

coffee cups

foamcore table top display sign

hanging 12 x 4 sign

business cards



and the strangest (and most embarrassing) of all:


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