Reviews management

I only have 2 listings by now and I’m trying to manage reviews from my guests - once per week I check whether my guests that have already departed left a review.
If I feel that the guest was satisfied, but left no review, I contact him via messenger and kindly ask him to leave a review.
However, I can’t find a straightforward way to check which guest has left a review and which hasn’t.
Is there any reasonable way to see a list of bookings, in a chronological order, with clear indications as to whether there is a review pending?

Where are you checking? Look on your Reservations tab. Once a guest leave you are review you will get an email telling you they have reviewed.

Airbnb reminds the guest at least 3 times in 2 weeks so you doing it as well seems like annoying overkill.

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It appears that your goal is to try to skew the ratings in your favor by looking at guests that don’t leave a review, determining which of those would leave a favorable review, and reminding only that subset to actually leave a review.

As @KKC pointed out, you might annoy the guest and trigger a less favorable review if you send more reminders than they already receive.

My suggestion would be to have two different “final messages” that you send to guest at checkout. The final message for “satisfied guests” would contain a reminder to review in addition to useful things like the checkout instructions. The final message you send to potentially unsatisfied guests would lack the review reminder.

Honestly, I kinda wonder if anybody has data that confirms chasing reviews has resulted in a higher ratio of reviews to reservations.

If, after receiving the naggy Airbnb messages, you started nagging for a review, I’d leave you one.

It probably wouldn’t be the one you were wanting.



I doubt that.

And how many folks have claimed to be completely blindsided? Like @Jefferson who posted about a happy guest who said everything was great and then gave him 4 stars.

What I do think would work is the occasional personal message or better yet face to face request for special situations. Example: If I had taken some time off and business was slow I would say to a guest “I was out of the country all winter and now busy season is upcoming. You’re one of my first guests since I re-opened and I could really use your help jump starting my bookings. I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review right away.”

I think that the thing you need to ask yourself here is why you do this? By annoying your guests, you’re negating the chances of them becoming repeat customers and as @JohnF says, by nagging them you’re likely to get comments that you really don’t want.

I don’t know why it is that you want to irritate your guests. Spend that time promoting your business instead.


Thanks for these pieces of advice. But I was asking for something very different. I’ll quote myself.

So I’m not asking whether it’s a good idea to “nag” for a review.

I’m asking whether there is a built-in functionality in Airbnb to have a list of guests with a review not yet left.

Not that I know of.

I review every guest when I get the first reminder from Airbnb, on the day the guest checks out.


There’s list of the reviews you haven’t left but not one of the ones they haven’t left.

No there isn’t @vitaminoid quite honestly if you are only talking about two guests a week it’s easy to keep track of.

Why don’t you just review all your guests . It only takes a minute or two per guest.

You are making this more complicated then it needs to be.

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Vitaminoid wants guests to review him. I looked back at prior posts and what’s going on that I’d forgotten is that he is trying to rebuild an account wrecked by a scurrilous partner. He needs bookings and good reviews to put all that far in the rear. So in that case I would advocate following up and asking for reviews.

Since Airbnb doesn’t have this functionality it’s a great opportunity for a software developer to make something that would simplify keeping track. Vitaminoid, there is review tracking software available to do this. There might even be something free, like the AirReview chrome extentsion some of us use. That displays guest reviews that our guests have given other hosts. That would be useful to you to see if the guests you want to contact don’t ever leave reviews or leave nitpicky ones. Maybe you can save yourself the effort or limit your risk.

I can’t recommend anything because I don’t know anything about it. I’m sure we’d appreciate it if you post what you find out.