Reviews Gone Bananas?

So now, not only my listing doesn’t show the new reviews I get, it shows review from October!!!

Calling Airbnb, will update here…


Yes I noticed this too. I know they’re categorised by country in which you’re searching from my I have many reviews since October from my country and yes same thing old reviews show up first.

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They have no idea… escalating it to technical team.

I just mentioned to them 2 more reviews from last week and a year ago that don’t show up - have no idea as well!

Mmm… 95% of my guests are from the US, in fact 2.5 hours from the location so that doesn’t make sense.

Our newish listing (less than one year old) has reviews all jumbled up and keeps asking us to reviews guests we’ve already reviewed or doesn’t who the review at all. ??Our older listing has them in chronological order.

This has perhaps been shown to benefit increased bookings at the outset. ? Or they are testing new methods, which they occasionally do. Air is a $31 billion dollar comany, and probably has a team devoted strictly to researching this. But am just guessing… It’s definitely not just you though.

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Drive me crazy how this is even an issue. We’re talking simple reviews here with fairly simple database… Go figure!

I also asked her about the 2 reviews that don’t show. One from last week, and the other from a year ago - once again, crickets… escalating to the technical team, which btw will not notify me of the outcome.

I think hhis could hurt my bookings as potential guests could think my last guest was in October.

No, if you have a number of bookings…more than a few dozen, that supercedes the jumbled dates. If you only have ten, then maybe…

Air is now categorizing some of my reviews by type of travel (“family trip” “business trip”) noted at the beginning of the review. They pulled an old last year review to the top of my review list, a “family trip.” Some algorithm must be telling them that families are likely to be visiting my locale now, and another algorithm must be scanning the reviews for keywords to categorize them (“meeting,” “daughter,” etc.).
I remember the “family trip” guests well – a mom bringing her kid back after a move to see the orthodonist. I doubt the kid had any kind of a good time on this particular “family trip.”

That’s what I noticed, the reviews that say “Family Trip” are first. I think guests, when searching for a place to stay, can filter by type of trip now,but not sure how long the trip type has been attached to the review. It doesn’t make any sense if you can’t filter the reviews. It’s really maddening as the last couple of reviews we got were great and really well written but they’re not at the top now. Not to mention my Canadian reviews going straight to the end.

Don’t hold your breath. That’s standard talk to get you off the phone.

I had a long email discussion with them last week as our best review wasn’t showing and I kept getting annoying notifications to review the guest even though I’d already done so. Once the 14 days were up it suddenly appeared on my profle - thankfully, as we’re new and need all the reviews we can get.

I was told they were aware of the review issue and “investigating” it. Whether that investigation and solution finding goes on for hours, days or months they didn’t actually clarify…

Update: This is the email I got from Airbnb.

This is XXX, your Case Manager at Airbnb. I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to talk with me.

Like we discussed on the phone, I understand you noticed your reviews are not displayed in chronological order. After further reviewing and speaking with my colleague’s reviews are not always displayed in chronological order and can be based on the following:

The visitor’s native language
The visitor’s country of residence
The remaining languages and countries in chronological order

Also, after investigating I noticed the reviews that are displaying first has an indicator for a family trip. Could explain why this small group of reviews is displaying first.

In regards to the reviews for following reservations:

GUEST-NAME now reflects on your listing

GUEST-NAME now reflects on your listing page

We are a growing company an always are testing changes within the platform before fully rolling all to affect all users.

In the meantime, if there is anything else we can do for you please don’t hesitate to contact me directly through this message or call us at 1-855-424-7262 where one of my trusted colleagues are always available 24 hours 7 days a week.

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That’s pretty cool! Just noticed some of mine with a family vacation tag next them. Thanks for posting this!

Why is that cool? I just want the chronological, period!!!


Haha Mine were from couples with little babies, and two of them had told me they had trouble finding an accomm that allowed children, so I think it’s neat that they can just see other families right at the top. Or other languages, etc.

Over the years in our old listing, we had reviews written in French, German, Chinese…so that would also seem very helpful to guests to see remarks in their own language.

Maybe suggest a button where hosts can choose to arrange their own reviews? It seems that all these things that Air is doing aren’t permanent anyway, just testing them out, which is annoying for sure. Of course their aim is to garner more business, so if that’s what it does, I’m totally down! Cha-ching! ha =D

Yes I’m fine with the different orders, IF the guest can choose which way to order.

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THAT’s a totally great idea. Maybe it will be if they enter the language it comes automatically or if they enter kid friendly, the family ones show up. Agree that it looked weird when I saw it, as in being there all the time. it’s gone off of mine now.

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True! But for now it’s not like it. Honestly, it comes across stupid. I even went ahead and tried to book for 1 guest (obviously not a family) and still, it showed me Family Trip reviews only.

Once again, we’re paying the price for their not thought out ideas. For me, that’s showing they don’t care.