Review requests after check out

Anyone else been getting review requests after check out on the day of check out . My past few have been this last week. I’m liking it. Hated waiting 2 days. I’m getting them a little after 1pm.

It’s been all over the map. The guest who left yesterday morning, I got the notification this morning. There was one two weeks ago the notification came the night before they left… very strange. And sometimes it doesn’t come for days and days.

I wish there was just an automatic clickable link on the transaction page with the guest where we could review. It’s very strange that we have to wait for the option.


I’ve had several come in while the guest is still here and before my posted check out deadline. I don’t care what day the requests come in but I don’t like the ones that arrive in the middle of the night while I’m sleeping.


Mine used to come at 3am two days after check out every time.

Mine came at 5:30 this morning :rage:

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Mine used to arrive early in the morning before the guests left. Now they are all over the place.

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Mine are all coming with the guest still here. What the heck.

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I am getting these notices before they check out. And today, a new wrinkle… a huge banner when logging into the website. I couldn’t do a thing until I dismissed. It warned me that I only had until September 20th to write my review. And this was three hours after they had left for the airport. Someone is mucking about with the review reminder code.

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Todays one came before check out.

Me too, sort of. This morning at 8.30 am two things happened at exactly the same time. One was the alert from my phone asking me to review my guests and at exactly the same time, there was a knock on the door - it was the guests saying goodbye. Yes, the same guests the alert was asking me to review.

And checkout time isn’t until 11 am.

I have noticed the past 3 people have reviewed me straight away. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not but the old way when it was 2 days after it was 50% review rate for me. And usually the 50% that do review do it like a week later.

Arrrghhhhh. Last night…another one. Review reminder chiming in at 3:30am. What the heck. You cannot turn this off without turning all notifications off. I’m not going to turn my phone off because my son is abroad and I will always take his call no matter what the hour.

How can we complain about this new BS on the mobile app? I’m fed up with getting a chime to review in the middle of the night! Makes me so mad, I resolve not to review at all! And I’m sure that is not the result they want. Enough reminders already! They are having the opposite effect!

There are apps that will silence your phone, and for which you can create a whitelist of numbers that are allowed through. I use one called Nights Keeper.

Is there one that works with an iPad?

Most of my family are 3,000 miles away so in a totally different time zone. Over the years I have trained them to know that a) I don’t take my phone into the bedroom b) I turn off the volume when I go to bed and c) even if it’s an emergency it can wait until I get up :slight_smile:

BUt…But … he may really need his mom. :heart_eyes:


I know, I know ---- I’m a mum too :slight_smile:

My 3,000 miles away son is older than your boys but it was still a hard lesson for me to learn that he doesn’t absolutely need me to survive :slight_smile:

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Hi @konacoconutz,

A quick search finds Do Not Disturb.

There are probably other apps that do similar things, but you get the idea. I know nothing about Apple products or related software, so please don’t take this as a recommendation.

Yes…got one yesterday well before checkout…I never do it the same day. I think if they are home and rested, they are more likely to write an expansive review when they get the notice of my review.

It is now 1:30 and no notice yet that I can review this morning’s checkout. I have however received an AirBNB newsletter and a “message from Brian.”

Guests were gone by 6AM.