Review help of a Rude ignorant guest

Just experienced my worst guest ever.

Arrived 2 hrs early no worries happily welcomed him I to sit and wait. Was somewhat friendly appeared forced upon checkin acted as if being early was my problem. Oh well I allowed. This is a shared home he was not observant of house rules of cleanliness in leaving dishes on counter daily instead of wash dry and put away for next guest. Would not take out trash. Moved indoor seat outdoors by water for his own comfort and left overnight repeated I stopped by daily to return inside and asked if he could just used the provided outdoor furniture very rude reply he was obviously drunk none of my business. He had an air of how dare I imply he was doing it wrong. I am still ok with guest figured just needed a little guidance in house rules.

Then locks himself out of his room calls me and leaves a slurry message in French mixed with English I could not understand. I just immediately drive their to see what issue is. Drunk he tries to explain he locked himself out went to neighbors who do not speak a word of English except one in family, he was pissed off because he had to explain himself to them several times after five minutes of trying to understand him myself over his whiskey breath I learned he was locked out.I go let him in not even a Thank you it was like an it’s my job as a host so no apologies were necessary for him.House is steps away from shopping center like a 1 minute walk.He had a car, an electric bike to just go use a store phone. He chose to bother my neighbors who are not happy being across st from airbnb.

Then I get blasted next morning on my daily arrival to check on house from neighbors. They were fearful of my guest he kept banging on door insisting they allow him to use phone the English speaking guest gave him phone to shut him up and get him out. She relayed her mother wanted to call police and remove him. And my offending guest was mad at them. Okay so now I am pissed off for real with this guest. I go home call airbnb yes I can cancel him with I m uncomfortable hosting no penalty.Long process so I think on it we’ll he is leaving in 2 days not worth the headache. What a fool I was ! Next morning have a new young girl arriving from Europe. She was told from beginning I cannot host an 8am checkin Impossible with checkout 10-11am and 5 step Covid cleaning. She understands.

Day of arrival I get a call can I just drop off my luggage. I tell her to leave in screened front porch ok. Hour later she calls she is inside the house and May she go into her room, because the host here my ignorant guests invites her to stay playing owner of home. Yes he checked bedroom last night no one was in it!! I was so @$:-$ mad. I had a late checkin so there was a guest sleeping in room. Thank god this new guest called me unsure if she should stay. I sent a quick message to other guest as he would not answer phone. Please do not let people into my house or enter bedrooms that is not your own for safety and security of all guests. I require ID I greet guest give a quick tour and leave. He did not answer me at all refused and told other guest I was a rude American host to turn her away at 8:30 am. Liability reasons 1st and foremost for a check in at 8:30 am as well as unclean to host new guest. Her room had guests in it and people were having breakfast, showering etc.

There is more but enough said room long. Has been a few days and now doing review he left his immediately so I fear it is terrible.Recommendations needed for honest review that airbnb will not remove this review needs to be posted for other hosts to be warned!! Help

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HOLY :poop:! I know you’ve had a hard time so I don’t want to pile on, but I think it wasn’t good for the safety of the other guests for him to even be there. You can’t say that in the review because it makes you look negligent but he does not feel safe.

Rev 0:
“I should have expelled guest before departure! List of inappropriate and rude behavior is too long. The neighbor wanted to call the police after guest loudly and rudely disturbed them, banging on their door. In my shared home guest entered rooms of other guests w/o permission. Guest pretended to be the host and let a new guest in early w/o any permission. I WOULD NEVER ALLOW THIS GUEST BACK AND NEVER RECOMMEND ANY HOST HAVE THEM.”


Did we have the same guest this last week?

So sorry you’re dealing with this. I’m in almost the exact position with the guest who just left, so I’ll be following for advice on how to write the review - at the last minute, of course.

WOULD NOT HOST AGAIN. 1* across the board for your guest.


Sample review:
I do not recommend this guest. He was disrespectful & disruptive to the neighbors, he unexpectedly arrived 2 hours before check-in, he presented himself as the host, and he did not follow house rules.


I have edited the OP’s post and deleted the irrelevant posts. I understand some posts are difficult to read for one reason or another. The best strategy might be to not read them or comment on them.


You need to state objectively what the guest did and how he made your other gests and your neighbors feel uncomfortable.

BTW, is this a house/apartment that has multiple shared-space listings but the host does not live on-site?

Certainly appears that way, but until confirmed I won’t mention the “S” word :zipper_mouth_face:


Yep, sounds like a hostel-type situation.