Review at the last second

Not long ago you could wait until 11:59pm on the last day of the review period, then leave your review. After BNB updating you can not watch the minutes tick down on your dashboard anymore.
How do you deal with it now, how to leave a review at the last second but don’t miss the deadline?

Take a look here: Is there still a countdown clock to see last minute to write review and if so, where do I find it?


To be clear, it’s never been 11:59pm. It is exactly 14 days after you get the “leave a review” prompt. Those prompts seem to be terribly random on the day the guest checks out so it’s never the same time.

But, for example, if you get the prompt at 2:36 pm then you have until 2:36 pm 14 days later. Or rather, 2:35:59.

I haven’t waited until the last minute since mid-Nov but the days then hours then minutes then seconds countdown was there for me. The most recent review I wrote was after Xmas but I didn’t wait very long, I just did it when I got around to it. But it did say, “you have 11 days left” so I’d expect it to get to hours and so on if I had waited. You only see days and not hours, etc until the last day.


Thank you very much!

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has always been, before upgrading

How does your screenshot show that it’s always been 11:59 pm before update? All it says is that you have 58 minutes left to write a review.
As JJD said, the 14 days (24 hr periods, not complete days from midnight to midnight) has always been counted from the time you get the first notification to review. The review period doesn’t end at 11:59 on the 14th day after check-out, unless you got the review notification at 11:59 14 days prior.

I have 1 pending review that I can see the countdown now its left 23 hours, I’m sure there will be minutes and even seconds left, last review i wrote 10 seconds before expiry