Reservation through instant book canceled immediately, but I see a review ?!

Hi all,
I canceled a guest’s reservation which was done with instant book immediately, now I see a review in my reviews section from that guest.
I says review will be visible after 14 days. It also says the following You will see all past reviews here. Any hidden reviews indicate that you still need to complete a review and that the review period (14 days after checkout) is still open.
Can guests leave a review in such circumstances?

I’ve heard they are now allowing this which is absurd! I suppose you should leave a review too. Why did you cancel? You are probably going to get slammed for canceling! It’s bizarre.

Even for instant book reservations?
I just sent a message to the guest asking if they left a review.
I canceled because I could not host him on that date.

We are all being bullied into instant book which just doesn’t work for everyone. I refuse to offer instant book when it’s impossible to know what Airbnb finds acceptable as a reason to cancel. They are very vague about it. How they allow a review is bizarre.
Please let us know what the review said and maybe share your exact reason for cancellation.
Ps: can you leave a review?

I cannot leave a review at this moment.
I neither received an email from Airbnb telling me that I can leave a review, nor can I access that area through my account.

I bet that is the dreaded “Host canceled this reservation…” message. Not keeping your calendar up to date is not a valid reason for cancelation. You will be penalized.


Don’t tell me what to do and how to do it ok?
I have a specific question.

You should not be on instant book.

@smtucker just told you the facts. Airbnb pushes this instant book thing but it is very vague as to what they will actually accept as a valid reason for cancellation. She was letting you know what likely happened. Play nice :innocent:


Will I get a star rating for this cancellation? Or a message will be shown that I canceled it?

You will lose superhost status for a year. Also, this message that you canceled is likely to make new guests wary to book your place. I’m so sorry this happened to you. If you had extenuating circumstances for canceling you can approach Airbnb and try to get it removed. Don’t mean to repeat myself but if you aren’t ready to accept every reservation then IB should be turned off.
Here’s what an IB cancellation looks like, this is a listing near me on IB.

No, I will not lose my superhost status. Believe me I read before doing it.

For Instant Book hosts only

You can cancel instant bookings penalty-free an unlimited number of times if you’re uncomfortable with a reservation or if a guest breaks one of your House Rules. “Penalty-free” means you won’t pay a fee, lose Superhost status (or eligibility for it), or receive any of the other penalties mentioned above.

You may not cancel reservations penalty-free for any other reason, including reasons that violate our nondiscrimination policy.

To cancel an Instant Book reservation you’re uncomfortable with:

Go to Your Reservations and find the reservation you need to cancel
Click Change or Cancel
Select "I’m uncomfortable with the reservation or the guest has broken my House Rules"
Click Next and provide a reason for your concerns
Click Next and write a message to your guest
Click Cancel reservation
Once you complete these steps, the host cancellation penalties for this reservation will be waived, and we’ll help your guest find another place to stay.

If it’s within 24 hours of check-in, contact us instead.

Note: If we observe abuse of the policy, we reserve the right to turn off Instant Book for your listing, and you may be subject to other penalties, up to and including suspension and deletion of your account.

alright, so when will this automated review pop up on my account?

Sorry but you do not fall under penalty free unless you were uncomfortable with the guest and provided a valid reason that is valid to Airbnb.
Airbnb is not forthcoming on this policy.

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Quote :alright, so when will this automated review pop up on my account?

Lol you have it in your original post! 14 days. I know you must feel really frustrated as I would but unfortunately air reserves the right to cajole us into what works best for them. Anyway, SH status is not that big a deal and we are superhosts.

I had a similar thing happen. The IB reservation mysteriously got confirmed and then cancelled within minutes, but the guest showed up! It was just for one night.

I immediately called Air after I allowed him in. I was worried about being penalized and also about not getting paid. The agent was tepid. “Oh yes, you’ll be paid.” They didn’t believe me.

I waited a couple of days and no payment arrived so I called again. “Oh yes. We’ll take care of it.” Or something to that effect. Two or 3 more days went by and still no money.

I called a 3rd time and finally got paid. The weird thing was the reservation never showed up on my records.

So my advice is CALL THEM immediately.

Alright, I can live with 1 automated IB cancellation review. I have many many reviews and they are all 5-star.

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[quote=“renter101, post:7, topic:17109”]
Don’t tell me what to do [/quote]

This is an entirely inappropriate way to respond to another forum member trying to help you. Don’t kill the messenger. You messed up on this one but live and learn. If you do have that auto cancel message I believe you’ll lose SH status. You could respond however, and just say, sorry, I wasn’t sure how IB cancellations worked. This won’t happen again. Or something to that effect. Assuming your review is the cancellation notice! Maybe it isn’t?


Perhaps you lied as to the reason you cancelled. If not, then perhaps you should slow down when reading.

Having a calendar that isn’t up to date doesn’t fall under any of Airbnb’s acceptable reasons.

Since you did not cancel with a “penalty-free” reason, you will, most likely, lose your Superhost status. It’s all there in black and white.

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Hey, if you have proof that I lied please show me. If you’re assuming, please don’t.