Request to book with no last name?

Do you accept requests to book wIth a first name only? I’m still new to hosting, but shouldn’t a request to book (not an inquiry) give the full name of the guest?

I accept them. I might not if I was a shared-space host.

BTW, the name on a guest’s profile does NOT have to match their real name, even if you require verified government ID for your guests, so keep that in mind.

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Yes, all guests are welcome here. Not having a last name showing isn’t really important. Having a last name is no indication of a good guest.

Guests who are intent on mayhem and misbehaviour will have a last name AND a filled out profile and a photograph.

I did not realize the name didn’t have to match their government ID. In that case it doesn’t matter. Thank you!


Both “inquiry” and “request to book” only show me first name. Once I accept their request I get their full name, email, phone number. For “instant book”, they are immediately accepted, so you get to see their full name right away.
And, as others mentioned - the name they have may or may not be their real name. I have one just today that had a name of “Mary Mary”.


Last name “Quitecontrary?”

I’ve told the story here multiple times of having “Invisible Vengeance Visits” instant book with me. I guess other hosts took exception to that name because they changed it after a couple of days.


Maybe a Jasper Fforde fan?

You don’t get he last name until they are booked, so yes, I accept just first names.

The email you get is an anonymizes one that works through Airbnb.

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What’s in a name? Anyone ever see the movie Red Eye with Cillian Murphy as Jackson Rippner? (A play on the name Jack the Ripper)

What I’m interested in is their reviews.

No reviews? Then start a convo with them. I recently avoided accepting a booking, because during our convo, the guest couldn’t help herself and showed her true colors.