Request for 2 guest booking in a 6 guest suite

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So after all the wonderful feedback, I have decided to go with 3 bedrooms suite for a limit of 6 guests.
How does it work with pricing if we get requests for 2 guests instead of 6 and what do you do to the rest of the space? Locks?

I would have my unit priced at a level 2 people would not be interested. If for some reason they do book, nothing to do.


I have a whole house rental and the nightly fee is the same regardless if it’s 2 or 8 people. I have had couples rent it and it’s worked out well. I still make all the beds even though they will not be utilized just because it looks nicer.


My listing is the same as @Ritz3 Maximum of 8 people but the price is the same for 1 as it is for 8.

Airbnb’s pricing system allows you to set a base number of guests (e.g. 2) and have an additional charge per guest per night up to the maximum you set (e.g. 6). If you do this, you could consider locking extra bedrooms and bathrooms, but you can’t take for granted how many bedrooms/bathrooms they’ll want to use based on guest count. You’ll have to ask, and then the per-guest fee doesn’t even make sense if 2 guests want to sleep in different beds and use different bathrooms. Also, a lot of guests don’t like the extra guest fees and you’ll find countless stories of guests sneaking in more guests to avoid the fees. Unfortunately, Airbnb doesn’t support a bedroom-setup or bathroom-setup fee that would make the price representative of the hosts actual costs.

Anyway, if you charge the same price for 2 as you do for 6, then you don’t need to lock anything. If they use every bed and bath, then nothing lost because you still get paid the same. If they didn’t use some of the space, it’s a little cleaning you don’t have to do.


I have a 2-bedroom, 4 guest max suite. We prepare and price the place for 4. Sometimes a 2-person booking only uses one queen bed; other times they’re friends who want separate rooms.

If you plan on locking bedrooms you’ll either need to make it VERY clear in the listing or create separate listings (1, 2, or 3 rooms). Guests can complain to Airbnb if they booked a 3-BR space but only have access to 1-BR.


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Thanks for the information

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Question, if only 2 people stayed in the house do you wash all 3 or 4 other bed sets even though they do not look used?

No, if I know that they were not used, I do not strip beds. In the house manual guests are ask to strip used beds and leave linens on the floor next to bed but I also do a visual check.

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I have only had 2 guests in my 4-bedroom/8-guest listing on two occasions. The first time, the guests booked for only 2, and they told me that they used only the one bedroom. The second time, the guests booked for 7, but 5 members couldn’t make it because their airport was shut down due to bad weather, so we told them that we would refund $75 of the $100 cleaning fee if they used only the master bedroom/bathroom and none of the other bedrooms/bathrooms.

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There is no way you can offer a 3 bedroom apartment and then give guests only access to 1 bedroom - you are setting yourself up for complaints and valid ones I might add.
All the nifty fineprint does nor prevent that you would be misrepresenting.

I set up different listings for each constellation and linked the calendars. It also makes pricing easier.


Just to offer a different model, we are a whole house listing that sleeps up to 8. It’s the same price for up to 4 guests. After that, an extra $10 per head. This is to help offset the extra cleaning costs, because I don’t charge a separate cleaning fee and the more guests the more laundry. (I pay my cleaner by the hour and in fact just ordered a larger capacity washer to cut down on the # of loads I’m paying her to run.)

So far we haven’t had any problem with people paying the extra guest fees. I think the threat to charge them $100 per head per night for undeclared guests makes the $10 per head look pretty reasonable and keeps them honest.

We only have 3 actual beds, enough space to sleep two couples and one single. Beyond that number, the extra guests have to sleep on the couch or air mattresses. We are deliberately not adding any more permanent beds. We considered it and then decided that the air mattresses deter large groups (already had one group of 8 cancel once I pointed out that at least three of their party would have to sleep on the couch and inflatables). We decided we really don’t want to be appealing to large groups. We’ll host them, but we are going to leave it as-is, i.e. pretty unappealing for a large group of all adults.