Reporting a guest after they have been reviewed. Is there any way?

Hiya all

I had reduced my prices recently and man oh man… !!!
Bottom line. I think I should report the guest but unfortunately she was automatically reviewed yourporter app I’m using (my bad!). I thought I had switched off auto review but I hadn’t. Is there a way I can still report them?? Otherwise I will just forget it.
I had someone instant book my apartment overnight for the next day. Once I sent the instructions and the guest had checked in I was informed by the person who booked it that it was actually for their friend. I asked for the contact details of the guest. Eventutally I got a number but it was wrong. I went and did a door knock. When I saw the guest I thought she was either a hooker or a young girl with a certain type of look.
She was very nice and I didn’t have any real concerns.
Anyhow the night before checkout I get a call - can she have a late checkout. I agree to 12 noon. I arrive and knock on the door as I normally do. She comes to the door hung over with a dooner wrapped around her. Out of it. I came back half an hour later. Basically the place was extremely filthy. There were finger prints all over every single glass surface. I’m sure a lot of substances were snorted off it. She told me that the previous guests had left sex toys under the bed. I basically had to do a double clean. I found a bag of ‘ascorbic acid’ in the courtyard wraped in another plastic bag. I put it on her luggage (she was collecting later). She said the ascorbic acid wasn’t hers and must have been left by the previous guest. So I binned it. A shrub on my balcony was somehow extremely damaged.
Putting together everything she said… what she had told me… I think the person who booked it was a pimp. I’m not a prude. But this went beyond my tolerance level.
I thought my autobooking (through yourporter) was switched off otherwise I would have jumped onto it earlier. Any way - if there is any way I can report them now I would like to do

Report them for…? Leaving a mess? Swings and roundabouts on that one.
Any actual evidence of illegal behaviour? She stated what ever you found wasn’t hers.
Any neighbouring complaints? Police involved? Find out if the blocking process still works and do that, once you worked out it was a 3rd party booking…what did you do? Or was the fact you had a booking worth the risk?
Working girls prefer a self check in- do you do a meet and greet?

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As Deb says, what are you going to report? Of course, you can always contact Airbnb and explain exactly what happened but any email will probably be ignored as would a call.

This is especially the case because the person who stayed isn’t the person who made the booking so you’d be reporting someone who you never met and have no experience of as a guest. (Bear in mind too that many hosts won’t accept third party bookings).

Depending on your local laws, you’re not responsible for a one-night guest who commits a crime so you might want to check on that but you’ve no proof that the guest did anything against the law.

Yes, she was messy but we all have to pay the price occasionally for those guests who leave the rental in immaculate condition.

You’re probably reconsidering using an automatic system to send reviews now.
As you’ve realised, it goes against the Airbnb way of working and can shoot you in the foot.

If it salves your conscience, email Airbnb with the details and then forget about it - you’ll have done your best.

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Nobody will respond or do anything. The time is better spent making sure you do all the things necessary to help yourself the best you can. E.g. setup your software correctly, and consider whether late-notice 3rd-party bookings are something worth paying more attention to.


Thank you very much. I guess I was just very peeved and didn’t want other hosts to have to deal with it. But I know Airbnb staff have bigger issues to sort out. Thanks for your kindness.

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