Repeat guests, but this time they brought extra people

Looking for some “what would you say” advice. We had a sweet family stay over thanksgiving in our larger AirBnB. They were nice (even gifted us pie!), communicative and tidy.

So… we just finished a new little cottage and the mother+daughter booked for just the two of them. Confirmed it was only them and as a cottage with only one bed, the max capacity is 2 and we have priced it + furnished it accordingly. We checked our entrance cam (it’s in the listing) to see if they had checked out and it shows on the last night of their stay the rest of their family showed up and spent the night. So 4 folks instead of 2.

They checked out and everything seems to be in order. I’m especially pissed because as repeat guests we let them have an early check-in and gifted extra welcome treats to show appreciation for their second booking. Soooo do I let it go, include mention of extra guests in the review…or message her privately about it?

Annoyed mostly on principle. The mom looked straight at the camera (LOL) and looked guilty AF

It depends on if you would host them again. Some people you develop a relationship with but if you let them get away with this they will do it again. I would mention it in the review and I’d also message them. Just talk to them like they are adults and it’s a matter of setting boundaries.

“Dear xxx, I was disappointed to see that you brought an extra couple on your trip to the cottage. I’d welcome you to book again anytime but you will not be permitted to have more than 2 people in the cottage. The cottage is supplied and outfitted for 2 only. There is also a limit of two for insurance purposes.”

In the review: XX is a repeat guest of mine who is ___ and ___. Unfortunately on this visit they booked for 2 but brought 4. Then say if you would or would not host them again.

Or tell them they aren’t welcome to book again. I’m a big fan of honesty but there are many others here who will argue for a different approach.

Are these parents with kids? Where do 4 people sleep with only 1 bed?


It depends exactly why you object to then bringing the extra people in. I have it occasionally but have always turned a blind eye because a) most extras are only staying for one night and b) they don’t cost me any extra and I don’t have an extra person fee.

I tend to see all my repeat guests as friends but when I think about it, they’re not really. This is a business transaction and they are customers.

If your STR licence or your STR insurance only allows two people then you’ll have to be extra vigilant and if you see extra guests arriving, deal with it straight away. Extras can invalidate your insurance.

Many of us to that for all guests, not just repeats.

If you’re going to mention it in the review I’d say something like “I wish they’d let me know that a couple of their family members were joining them for the last night so that we could have provided extra towels” or something similar.

That way, you’re letting potential hosts that they sneaked people in without appearing to be draconian.


They’re all adults (including kids) but looks like they brought an air mattress (some furniture was moved a bit and from the cam of what the extra guests brought with them)

I really liked your response, it’s the right tone. Thank you!!

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I hear you, but we went above and beyond the usual welcome treats and rearranged the clean to have it be ready for an early check-in.

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This is a tough one. You suffered no ill effects, but your guest still lied to you. It’s so hard to call without being there, but I would probably let it slide while also letting the guest know that I’m aware of it and that it’s not acceptable.

You mentioned an “entrance camera”, but how can you tell furniture was moved to allow an airbed. Does the camera has a view of inside the cottage? If so, it is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

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Its a camera outside pointed at the entrance door. I could tell furniture was moved because the couch was pushed way back and so was the coffee table after they checked out. I could see folks coming in the door with a bag that looked likely to be an air bed. Otherwise I don’t know where they would have all slept! Lol

As your max capacity is two, I wouldn’t let them off easy. 2 more people taking hot showers, 2 more people using up toilet paper and soap and whatever else you provide.

She knew what she was doing was wrong but she did it anyway. She could have asked-“Hey, we have 2 family members in town who would love to hang out with us this evening and spend the night. They have their own air mattresses and bedding. Possible?”

But she didn’t.


Agree it all depends whether you would welcome them back.

I had guests with an extra person, but they handed me an impressive wad of cash on the way out, sort of an after-the-fact bribe. So I didn’t say no to hosting them again, but to warn other hosts I said in my review. “Nice folks, left everything clean. They brought an extra person which was a surprise to me and required extra supplies, but it all worked out.”


Oh boy, wish my guests got that memo :rofl: