Renting to youngsters

New AirBnB host here and of course you don’t think about things until it happens… Do you all rent to “kids” under the age of 21? I have a request for a 19 y/o and two 20 y/o’s… I hate to do a decline for an open date. If I don’t have a security deposit added, can I do so now or can I specifically ask them for one.

I had a couple stay. He was 18, she 19. They left the house absolutely spotless, we’re polite and respectful and write an awesome review.

Are there any legalities should they be drinking and something happens at the house?

Do you have appropriate short-term rental insurance.

No I do not. I was not aware of that.

I’ve had 2 groups of “ravers” that came to town for EDM music festivals. One was a group of 5 and the other was 7. Both groups had guests were between 19 and 22. They were certainly above average guests in all respects.

I don’t rent to teenagers. I had a bad experience with renters that turned out to be teens. Extra cleaning, damage to property and complaints from neighbors.

She stated in her request that they were “responsible, trustworthy, sweet young adults.” I really would like to give them the benefit of the doubt…

Can I ask for a reference from her employer she has listed?

Trump says he’s a great president, but a lot of people disagree with that. :grinning:

OK, sorry for bringing in politics, it was the best analogy I could think of.

Anyway, I wouldn’t hesitate to host them.


LOL… good analogy…

I’ve hosted plenty of teenagers (the youngest being a 18 year old girl and her 17 year old boyfriend) and they have all been splendid guests. Some hosts have a teenage-prejudice but they are certainly no worse than other age groups and often a lot better.

Every year I get teenagers for a local music festival. That’s in our two apartments and the one I look after for a neighbour. I’ve never had any problems at all with them, either.

Sorry but I’ve got to nag. You really need STR insurance!


Is it a requirement that I was not aware of ?? Right now, my husband lost his job so money is extremely tight…

No it’s not a requirement from Airbnb, although they do recommend that hosts have all necessary paperwork - licences, insurance etc. I think they say something like ‘it’s up to the host to ensure that their place is abiding by local regulations’ or something like that.

But truly, if you have insurance you can sleep at night. If you don’t, you’ll always be worrying. I know people say ‘it could never happen to me’ but it does.

I understand about money being tight (oh boy, do I!) but you’ve got to be protected. Insurance isn’t cheap and you’ll have to increase your nightly rate but it’s so very worth it.

End of nag :slight_smile:


If you need the income, rent to them but stay nearby just in case they’re any incidents.

unfortunately we live more than 3 hours away but have good neighbors there

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In my room attached to my home but separate from me I’ve had nothing but good experience with young guests. If you live 3 hours away I strongly advise having security cameras to monitor for any extra guests or parties.


Since you live 3 hours away, I assume this is a second home or investment property. If you have standard homeowners’ insurance, then it’s extremely likely that the property is not covered for short-term rentals, meaning if your guests damage it, the insurance will not pay. Then you have to rely on the Airbnb host guarantee, and you don’t have to read much to find out how dissatisfied most hosts are with it.


In fairness we don’t know if most hosts who have had a claim are dissatisfied. Hosts who are dissatisfied look for a place to vent, diss Airbnb, get attention or empathy and advice. As a result they end up on internet soap boxes such as this one. Satisfied hosts don’t post about their experience.


I get young adults all of the time. All of my guests under 24 have been exceptional guests.