Renter information booklet

Looking for ideas to put together a binder that renters can use for information about the space/town/etc. What are some unique info ideas.

I don’t have a booklet but I give them a stapled packet with things to do in the area and restaurants. I also have a bulletin board with menus of local restaurants that offer take out and delivery.

Throughout the home I have small placards on little stands with helpful information like the password for the Wifi.

Next to the tankless water heat I have some notes with visuals taped on the wall.

Booklets or a QR code to an online manual you wrote up are both awesome options for guests.

Go to nearby hotels and take several of the brochures they put out about activities in the area. :upside_down_face:


We have a 5x7 loose-leaf binder with emergency, town and house history pages. etc. I did it originally so that I could easily update pages. However it’s hard to get anyone to read anything these days. My older guests seem to like pamphlets and other written material. I also have quite a bit in my Airbnb guest manual. The younger and more electronically savvy older guests usually look at Yelp or other online resources. Thus you should probably consider putting the material in more than one format.

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I can’t give you specifics since I don’t know where you are, but…for unique ideas I recommend the websites for Atlas Obscura and their hungry cousin Gastro Obscura as well as the Lonely Planet website/blog and whatever ________ Monthly is a magazine in your area.

I created it in a digital planner. I give folks a tiny URL.
This is helpful as it lets me add clickable links to restaurant websites, feature opening times, include lots of images and useable google maps, etc. I can also update information on the fly, if I think of things or if information changes.

The guest will get the option to print this or you can also print out a copy and put it in a binder. This way the guest can have access to it before check in, during (on phone while on the go) and hard copy in listing.

I do something similar & after they make their reservation send the link to the local Chamber of Commerce Tourism site. It has a comprehensive list of activities & attractions & offers some discounts.

I also place a coupon book in the rental with paper clips marking some of the better ones. I’ve already cherry picked some of the coupons for my use. Guests can use what’s left.

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