Rental for 30+ days

In places such as NY, staying consecutively for 30 days or more gives you tenants rights. How do you go about for rentals that last more than 30 days?

I saw a recent thread where someone wants to book for 11 weeks with a host here and I want to know your views… Also doing a legal contract is not much helpful in NY as far as I know since Tenants rights (I believe) will supersede it no matter what.

This is the reason why many hosts limit stays to 28 days or less.

Edit: My limit is 14 days.


I won’t have any guests who want to stay for more than 21 days. I’m not sure that Airbnb is the right platform to use for people who are looking for long term guests. (Not that I’ve ever done it so I’m willing to be proved wrong).

Tell us more about the inquiry and how long the guest wants to stay.


I haven’t started yet, I been reading a lot here from all of you here, and you have given me a lot of very informative answers for questions I had before. I just wanted to see what were the options for renters asking for more than 30 days, and if you happened to be from places such as NY, I want to know how you work with it.

Hopefully someone will be able to help you out.

I get long term tenants for single private rooms, they are usually nurses or insurance claims etc. I never do a reservation for more than 14 days, if they want to extend I will only do 13 days to keep it under the 30 days tenant requirement for our state. If they want to stay longer they have to place a new reservation. Which makes them appear to check out and then back in. Fortunately we have the verbal lease’s here, which protect us in the case of eviction. We do not have the long wait period and can have someone out within 14 days if necessary instead of weeks.

Thank you for chiming in.

Verbal leases would definitely be something to laugh here, The reservation part you explained sounds as they did move out and then back in. This is something I would like to bring up to my lawyer, I was thinking a break in between, like a day, which I think would be the way it would be accepted here. Anyways, thank you for that!

Keep in mind that listing on Airbnb is going to bring you scrutiny from the city of NYC, regardless of what you present as being the length of stay.

They aren’t very common but they are outlined in the tenant/landlord laws of our state. Our normal rentals (yearly tenants) are all on a contract/lease basis. Our STR’s are held to the TOS under ABB but within the statues of our state.

Thanks @KKC for bringing that up, fortunately I am in Westchester, which is outside of the city. The area of the property I am planning on renting is my basement, which I will be living above.

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I will do a month to month lease for traveling professionals and it has worked out well so far, but only if I meet the person before-hand and get references and job verification. I will soon be hosting another one who booked on Air for 25 days and then wanted to see the place before booking the following 2 months. He seems great and it will mean less cleaning for me this summer and much less wear on furniture and utilities. That being said, I’m in an area in Florida where eviction would be pretty quick and painless if it ever got to that point. I would never do it in California.

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I have heard (heard only, don’t take my word for it) that this doesn’t work. Legally because it’s the same person, checking out then checking in again, then it’s seen as being continuous. You might want to double check.

Thanks… I will double check with out attorney.

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I’m in California. Last year when we just started our STL we had a contact worker who stayed 5 months.
A student with an internship for three months and a traveling nurse for four months that ended in march of this year. I guess I’ve been lucky to not have any issues with my guests.

We won’t rent for more than 28 days.

From the Airbnb help site “If you rent your home or apartment for more than 30 days, consider whether you want guests to sign a rental agreement. “

This is what I do.

Here is the link to the Airbnb long term rental help information site

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your advise is helpful, I m in CA and my house in HOA and they don’t allow 30 days less rentals, so i have to do 30+ rentals, which means if i do this in Airbnb ,I m facing risking that i dont get to screen tenants if the stay 30+ days and i will be facing squatters and can’t kick them out, its very common in CA. any more advise ? thanks

I m thinking of doing that , i had to cancel all my bookings entire place less than 30 days due HOA sent me violation letter. i got few inquiries on airbnb today for 30 days+ when i sublet each room ,but i m afraid will have squatters, and i dont live in the house , sublet each room for long term rental is also headache . do you have any advise?

14 days it’s ok,
I guess most trips are for 5-10 days