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Rent one room, to two people?

I’ve got a double room and would like the higher rent. When we had the first couple, who had ‘fun’ in bed, I decided to inform the other couples applying that there has to be no noise after 10pm, which includes talking and sex as the walls are very thin. They cancelled as obviously that is what couples want to do, I’m guessing there is simply no way to rent a double room to two and avoid this? I would like the rent as it is much better, but don’t want a couple doing it in the room next to me. Thoughts? Only rent to one person at a time, take the loss of money (was £75+ as double, will be £40+ as single)

I have a double bed but only allow one guest. I did let one booking have 2 guests for 50% more and it wasn’t an issue. It just really depends what you’re comfortable with and how much you want money. Sometime you need to make sacrifices. Moral is It’s whatever you want to do. :slight_smile:

Buy a big package of disposable earplugs from the chemists, for yourself. Then rent to two people and sleep soundly.


I want to have two guests and the larger rent, but I’m guessing that the two guests are pretty much always couples having fun. If the walls were a bit thicker it wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

I’ve got loads of ear plugs, only worry is that I won’t hear my alarm and will wake everyone else up as I can’t hear the alarm! Plus I’m not sure I want to be sleeping a room next to a couple doing it all the time. Just wondering how others have found it? I’m just guessing its a common thing, but not sure.

It’s probably a bit drastic but have you considered sound proofing the wall? It is an expense I know but you’d make the money back with the extra income.

That just isn’t an option at the moment.

Almost all my guests are couples and I think that they all have sex during their stay (if the sheets are any indication). You can minimise the sound by hanging fabric on the walls of your own room - like thick velvet curtains or similar. That’s a cheap way of soundproofing.


I have a double room and it’s the room next to me. There are closets between the common walls but there are also connecting vents and sound can travel. I’ve never heard anyone having sex though I’ve found evidence. I’ve hosted for over two years and probably at least 60-80 couples.

It probably depends on what kind of clients you get. Are you in hip area with lots of young couples staying?

Instead of earplugs get a white noise app for your smartphone. Use the alarm on your cell phone so you can here it despite the white noise.
Also make clear in your listing that it’s a shared space with thin walls and you live next door. They’ll get the hint. Keep hosting couples for a while longer. I think couples who want to have noisy sex won’t choose your place often.


Have you tried this? I’m looking at installing a barn door or hanging curtains in my bedroom to close off an opening and add a little more soundproofing.

Curtains will dampen sound far more than a barn door. Wood transmits sound waves, while fabric absorbs. I am married to a cellist and let me assure you, that end pin sends the sounds of his instrument throughout the house.

If you can afford the 3 inches, you can get sound baffles, and then hang a curtain so you don’t have to look at them. They are butt-ugly. [Though I don’t need to see anyone’s butt to prove the point.] Even a thick lined velvet curtain does wonders. They aren’t inexpensive, but can make a room look quite luxurious. We have one that hangs from a runner [like the hospital curtain ones] that can close our third floor suite off from our rooms. Kids put it in when they were newlyweds. Amazing how well it works. And a few of our guests have closed it, I assume for the same reasons.


Yes, many years ago when I lived in shared houses when I was a student. We used to get cheap curtains from second-hand stores and it made a lot of difference very inexpensively. Student houses can be very noisy :slight_smile:

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Yeah - I wouldn’t rent somewhere if I was told I couldn’t talk after 10 p.m. But I can talk lowly because I am a light sleeper - I think most people cannot even comprehend what “quiet” is.

I agree with the others to drown out the noise on your end. I have a white noise machine for each bedroom at my rental - the frogs get really loud at night sometimes. Or like K9 said - try a white noise app on your phone. I have never tried those apps, and in my area cell service can go out for several hours sometimes.

Do you wake up at least once during the night to use the restroom, or take a sip of water? If so, then you can turn off the white noise machine during the middle of the night. That way you don’t have to be concerned with it drowning out the noise of the alarm. By the time you wake in the middle of the night, your guests should be sound asleep.

Ear plugs never worked me. Also, a box fan works wonderfully to drown out noise. Just face it in a direction so the wind isn’t blowing back on you. This is the white noise machine I purchased: https://www.amazon.com/Marpac-Dohm-DS-All-Natural-White-Machine/dp/B000KUHFGM

Box fan is probably cheaper though.

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I think some of those white noise makers have timers 2-4-6 hours.

The cell phone apps??

Hmm, maybe. But I was thinking of traditional ones.

I see. That makes sense.

“Almost all my guests are couples and I think that they all have sex” Thank you for confirming my suspicion. I could try and sound proof, although I can’t imagine having a great nights sleep, as even with that the walls are so thin I’m sure I could still hear, plus don’t want to be cleaning those sheets after!

Thank you very much for haring your experience! We did have one young couple which were heard and gave me the impression that it’s something to expect on a regular occasion. From your experience though it doesn’t sound that common or that much of a problem.

Your results may vary. LOL. But if I were you I’d try it a bit longer before limiting to one person booking.

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