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Remember to sign-out of TV subscription sevices and tell guests to do same

I recently was charged on my Amazon Prime account for the rental of some movies that were not made by me. They were able to tell me where they originated me and refunded me. I realized that I had not signed out of my account when I was an AirBnb guest in Texas and so someone else was able to rent movies on my account. They then instructed me on how to deregister that device. But it made me realize that we should remember when leaving our homes to sign out of any subscription services and that we should tell our guests to do so as well.


Yes, I agree. A while back I had a review that mentioned that we had Netflix, which we didn’t. We figured that a guest probably forgot to sign off so I guess it happens a lot.

Since that review said we had Netflix, we actually ended getting it. We were afraid that a guest would assume we had it based on that review and then give us a bad review if it wasn’t available for them.

This week I stayed at an Airbnb in VA and the Roku on the TV was set to “Guest”. I was able to select a calendar date to auto delete my credentials at noon on my departure date - pretty slick.


I was going to recommend that too. We don’t use it because we provide a couple of services, a cable replacement and MLB, so we don’t want everything logged-out. Part of our cleaning routine is logging guests out of their streaming accounts.

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