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Refunds when having to kick out guest

Hi, i am a Superhost, i am a property manager for luxury short term weekly vacation rentals.

This past weekend, i allowed a late check in, there profile has 2 good reviews, and they seemed nicer, however when the got here they were 3 hours late and my condo requires renters to receive a tour and get parking passes etc.

As i showed them around at 12:30am, we finally got to the unit, he went down to the vehicle, her and i were going over checkout procedure and showing her where everything is at, etc (that way i do not get phone calls and texts asking about various things) 20 minutes later there’s a knock, she opens the door and it is her boyfriend with the security guard and immediately upon opening the door he violently threw his car keys and stormed in, the car keys hit me, and he stormed into the living room yelling profanities saying he had knocked twice before and no one answer ( we would have heard it)

He then proceeded to leave again slamming the front door. All while she is trying to calm him down saying he’s crazy and that he’s just hungry.

So i go down to the security desk where my security officer has been dealing with this boyfriend for 20 minutes, and o it video surveillance shows him screaming outside, the security getting him, trying to bring him to the unit, where he refuses, goes back down the car, leaves, then comes back etc

Anyways it’s a crazy story, my security has been there 12 years… never have seen anything like it.

They advised me to remove them from the building as it is against our condo policies to allow disruptive and violent guests stay.

I call ABNB trust and safety who agreed it’s best to call the police however these two had left to go get food, so i waited with security until 2:30am when they got back (to texted and called her to let her know the situation but with no response)

They got back, we went down to the garage, advised them that due to the outburst where i felt physically threatened as well as it being against the rules and regulations that they signed on to abide by that i was refusing service to them…

I felt as if they were under the influence of something as did my security officer.

They were removed and left what you could kind of call peacefully after there yelling with me telling me they did nothing wrong (i got hit in the chest with car keys)

Fast forward, i had another couple that wanted to book the unit the following day that found another property. So i lost a relationship booking.

Airbnb trust and safety proceeded to cancel there reservation and proceed to pay me out there entire trip as i did nothing wrong.

Can they go after me for this money? Should i just refund it? Why is Airbnb allowing them or me to leave a review shouldn’t it just be a mute point done and over with?

Wow yikes! As far as I know, if there is an issue with the guest (especially when it comes to safety) you have the right to cancel their reservation. They are not due money.

In regards to the other stay, it depends on your cancellation policy settings, but I don’t think any allow a full refund if cancelled the same day as check in (or within 24 hours). However, this is handled by AirBNB. You won’t ever “owe” anything, you just might not get paid 100% of the original reservation amount.

No, when a guest behaves like this they lose the right to a refund. It’s treated like a cancellation; even flexible policy doesn’t allow a refund on the arrival day.

At any rate, Airbnb already decided that you should have your payout. The guest may try calling through a different agent, but they’ll see that a decision was already made in this case.

The guest can’t go after you for the money. It’s up to you, but I hope you don’t refund it. Perhaps this jerk will consider his actions more carefully when faced with consequences.

Cancellations on the day of arrival are still allowed to review. It’s a controversial policy, but there are some good reasons for having it. Picture a situation where you arrive to your Airbnb and it’s unlivable, nobody is there to let you in, or the host tries to switch you to another listing. In those situations the guest was cancelled and had no chance to warn others. So reviews only reflected “good” experiences where the host did their job, cleaned the place, and showed up to hand over keys. In situations like this, it becomes a problem because the guest is likely to leave a retaliatory review that’s based on their anger rather than your job as host.

At any rate, you can decide how to handle the review. If they leave one, that’s your cue to leave one for them. I hope you do so, so we, your fellow hosts, don’t have to host these people. If they don’t leave one, you can either skip it or leave it last minute.

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If they contact you and request a refund, I would remind them of their behavior and not only do you have a witness, but it was also recorded. Do not give them a tefund. Hopefully, they will learn their lesson.

I have read stories where evicting a guest is considered a host cancellation and you may have to refund all days of the reservation where they didn’t stay until normal check-out time. Compared to when a guest cancels where, depending on cancellation policy, the host only refunds days whose normal check-in time is more than 24 hours from the time the guest cancels.

This thread is a decent read:

Why is this relevant? Even if they had been great guests, you would’ve lost that relationship booking.

No. If the guest contacts you, refer them to Airbnb. Don’t refund anything to them directly. if Airbnb asks you if you want to refund, then you do what you feel is right for your business. If Airbnb decides the guest should get a refund without asking you, Airbnb will issue the refund. It may come out of your future payouts, and if it does, it’s probably not worth pursuing any further.

Airbnb allows guests and hosts to review any booking cancelled up to 24 hours before check-in. I doubt even Airbnb can tell you why they allow it.

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I would proactively try and get Air to block the review considering how over the top thi was, remind the CS agent that you did everything right, you called CS and trust and safety, that the behavior was videotaped by the building cameras and your security guard back you up. We had an insider posting here for a while and he said they could block reviews. If the CS agent tells you they will not.cannot politely tell them that you do not consider this resolved and you need it escalated to someone who can block the reviews.

Do not refund a dime

Good lick


Unfortunately Air allows leave reviews even in case of cancellation.
I kicked out guests 3 times and twice I gave refund . But you don’t have to of course .

This whole thing of allowing reviews for day of arrival cancellations was caused by pressure from watchdog groups. So I think Airbnb is sensitive to the optics of “blocking bad reviews” and won’t pre-emptively block reviews anymore.

It looks like their new process is to allow both sides to review, then remove it if it’s breaks TOS.

At least that’s what they did with me on recent cancellation on arrival. The guest made a clearly extortionary remark in Air messaging. They acknowledged it, and said they’d remove a bad review, but wouldn’t prevent her from leaving one. (Fortunately it was a non-issue; she didn’t submit a review).

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That’s dated July 2017

The person who claimed to be a Airbnb CS Person posted about 6 months ago.

I think it depends on who you get on the phone.


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