Redesigned Reservation Details

I like to keep a hard copy of each guest itinerary in a notebook. In the event of a power failure or computer problem, I have all the info I need concerning the stay. Before reservation details were redesigned, I could print it out by going to the calendar, clicking on the guest photo and then selecting print. Does anyone know how to print out an itinerary after the “redesign”?

I am in the US and using a laptop computer

There is a “print” button in the upper-right section of the “Reservations” page, next to “Reservation Details.”

Or, I would go the “old-fashion” recording-keeping method:

Go to an office supply store (Staples, Office Max, etc.) and buy a calendar appointment book for $16.

Write the Airbnb reservation code number, number of guests, name and phone of the booking guest, any special requests, and their arrival and departure dates.

Thank you @Don_Burns. A long day of meetings must have affected me. I knew there was another way, but when the print button was gone from the calendar method I usually used, I was at a loss. The old fashioned way was always an option. I am old fashioned and keep a calendar like the one you recommended for my appointments and meetings.

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I have to say that we keep a record of everything in a desk diary - I know it’s old-fashioned but it’s vital with one of us being a complete techno-phobe!

I do this too, using a page per day diary. I find it faster than re-opening the app/platform (unless I’m out; bit heavy to carry about the shop) to see who is coming, who is going, how many breakfasts I need to cater/shop for, when the laundry goes out/comes back, when the gardener/cleaner is coming in and how much cash I will need on a given day to pay people.

Generally a much easier, and visual, way to plan ahead and keep my brain on track.

I download the reservation page of each guest and save as a pdf. I have two separate backup systems (cloud and external hard drive) for my computer so I feel confident that I don’t need to back up.

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