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Recommending and Selling products to guests. Anyone using something useful?



I think a generic website for Airbnb’rs wouldn’t work as guests are likely to want to purchase products made by a host or made locally.

It’s fairly easy to set up on your own website (Wordpress is good for non techies) and has e-commerce plug ins.

Your starting point is to see if the products that you want to sell have an affiliate programme and will offer you items such as product shots you can use.


Keep in mind this may not be the best… as it is reported as part of your total earnings with Airbnb that year and that may not be the way you want to classify sales or business income, since some of us are advised to file schedule E.


True but bummer. Could be the easier and safest way to go about payments. I guess using direct PayPal/Venmo could work as well.


Setting up a Square to take credit cards is super easy and more convenient for the buyer.


That could be in addition. Many do the VENMO these days. It’s so common. And PayPal can be used world wide too.


Better to get the card directly and avoid the middleman. Paypal international fees are outrageous.


Any idea how much? I know Square chargers 3.5% I pay on PayPal 2.5%


Yes, I think you’re correct. I’ll provably start off with a shopify for just California hosts and see how that works out. Thanks so much for your help!


I use Izettle for my stuff. Brilliant thing. Can take all credit cards and it links direct to my bank account.


How about configuring your Wifi with a Splash page on connect?
You can use that to advertise a city pass, a product or anything of your liking.

You can even add ads with promotions to local businesses. Earning comissions from those.

I would glady help anyone who is interested.
Beware that toying around with someone’s router requires some amount of trust.
I have been doing so for a few years now in my local area.




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