Rant: Stop the Madness and Throw Out Your Microfiber Bedding

But is it organic?

I’m really asking because even though you’re not going to eat your sheets, organic cotton sheets are going to be easier on the environment because the same pesticides and chemicals are not used in manufacturing them.

Either way cotton requires a lot of water: 10,000+ gallons to make a pair of jeans.

For more info here’s [one site](Worst Fabrics for the Environment — 4tify.

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I have this weird belief about using environmental arguments in the discretionary travel industry, so in short, no I don’t care about the environmental impact of my cotton sheets. I care about comfort and due to my personal experience with microfiber, I believe cotton is the best kind of sheet.


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I have to say, I do find it rather weird. For sure we are participating in an industry thst generates a lot of negative environmental impact, but I don’t see how that means we shouldn’t do whatever we can to not pollute even more.

It’s kinda like saying that we shouldn’t pay attention to what environmental scientists have to say because they fly across the world to attend conferences, so their words are meaningless.

The story of my life. I doubt that’s going to change now.

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Oh my I AGREE 100%- I cancelled a stay at a beautiful Airbnb when I asked if the sheets were cotton and they said microfiber. I have :100: cotton in my Airbnb/VRBO including throes and quilts. I also have down duvets with cotton covers. I think it is unconscionable to use polyester/microfiber- I also use :100: flannel sheets in the winter which my guests love. Anyway thanks for pointing this out and linen sheets are cool and of course cotton!


The microfiber with poly fill duvets are also very stat-icky. I recently switched to a wool duvet with cotton cover. The old duvets are fine for stuffing into dog beds.


Yeah, I’m on that wagon too. I hate non natural fibres. My Airbnb has linen or cotton, and I use the same in my home. I want guests to feel they are special and that being in my place is a treat for them.
Non natural fibres give the opposite message in MHO.

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Well, if you read the articles on that website that list what fabrics are supposedly sustainable and not environmentally destructive, they list bamboo, but most bamboo fabric, as far as being environmentally good, isn’t.

The Truth About Bamboo Fabric You Need To Know | Panaprium.

As with anything, it’s important to do more research, rather than just believe something you read somewhere. And the article you linked to, as well as the one I did here, are both sites that are sales sites- it’s better to try to find articles that are just informational and have nothing they are trying to sell you.

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That Jennifer Adams site also is totally lying- they make it sound like microfiber is an environmentally responsible choice and say that microfiber is recyclable, which it most definitely is not. Their marketing lies alone would prevent me from ever buying anything from that company.

I can appreciate the distaste for low end micro fiber sheets. I have a mix of both cotton and MF and have struggled to find sheets (like cotton percale) that don’t require ironing. I see a few brands/makes NOT to buy, any recommendations from cotton or linen varieties you’ve all had good luck with?

Hang washed sheets on the line carefully to lessen creases when they’re dry. Fold them carefully to minimise creasing too. I don’t iron the fitted sheet as the creases get pulled out once on the bed.
I always iron the pillow slips.
If I have to Iron the flat sheet, I only iron the top 40 inches-/+ section that gets turned down over the blanket. if I’m in a rush, I tuck the top sides in tightly under the mattress, about 30 + inches or so to flatten the creases.
My naughty secret is out !!!


I almost never iron the sheets unless I’ve not gotten around to hanging them up right away to dry after washing and they are super wrinkled.

When I casually said to one of my guests the first day, “Hope you don’t mind that I don’t iron sheets”, she said she’d never ironed a sheet in her life and couldn’t imagine why anyone would.

Was that a typo? 40+ inches gets turned down? That’s half the length of a bed.

Those of us opposed to microfiber bedding do not make a distinction between the quality of them. Doesn’t matter if they cost $30/set or $200, they are all objectionable.

And cotton sheets don’t “require” ironing, that’s a personal choice. No guest has ever complained about my unironed sheets, and many have commented on how nice the bed was and how well they slept. One guest even said in the review that the bed was “divine”.


I sometimes put my percale cotton sheets on the bed while still damp. Sometimes I line dry. But I live in a very dry, warm climate. On occasions where the sheets have remained in the dryer until wrinkled, I mist with a spray bottle and pull them taut, in effect ironing out the wrinkles. On a very rare occasion, I get out the iron and iron them on the bed. I’ve never had a guest comment or complain about wrinkles in sheets.

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A little sampling of the worst reviews of those Jennifer Adams sheets:

“These sheets are almost sticky. They are not soft and have kept me up every night since putting them on my bed. They are not cooling and I cannot get comfortable. I’m writing this at 5 am while they are keeping me up.”

“The fitted sheet feels soft to the touch but the flat sheet is shiny on one side and feels like a waterproof type bedding material. It’s super hot and it clings to everything so if you try to move or roll over you need to pick up the sheet”

And even if you were a fan of these sheets, tons of the reviews say the quality of them is nothing like the ones reviewers bought years ago, that they feel and wash up differently now, and tons of reviews talking about all the pilling. So even @georgygirlofairbnb might not be pleased if she ever ordered them again.

It was a guess !! Centimetres however, not inches.
How I giggled at your observation - my guests must generally be quite short !!! Ha! Ha!
It’s great to read how others don’t iron their sheets.

I suspected you probably meant centimeters. :wink: You did write inches.
40cms= 15.75 inches.

I use sheets bought at Target. They are 100% cotton and have lasted a good long time, not incredibly expensive. They are called “Threshold.”

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