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Racism on AIRBNB


A host asked me to cancel my reservation after she understood that my husband is french black. How is possible? I am terrified.
What should I do any advices?
If I cancel I see that I loose some money for the Airbnb Service Fee (Includes VAT) (Non-Refundable).
Thanks for the advices!


Do not cancel, report the host to airbnb, They should not be hosting if they have an issue with different races, colours (yes that’s how us Europeans spell it )

Am sorry you have had to run into this host, they should not be on any platform offering hospitality


Airbnb has required that hosts agree to their non-discrimination policies. Report this host to Airbnb. They will help you to find other accommodation and they will probably delist this host. No matter what the host says, do not cancel your reservation.


Airbnb has a clear antidiscrimination policy. Report the host.


Do not cancel. Did the host say this is a text message? If so, take a screenshot so that the remarks can be shown to Airbnb.


Thanks for the advices. How to report her? I don’t find the option?

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If I were you, I would call Airbnb. If you use an electronic method of communication with them, they can take a very long time to respond. Some people here have reported good results with Twitter. I tried to no avail.

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I tried to call, but unfortunately, no answer.
Any ideas for phone number I can try to call again?


Thanks I will try to call again tomorrow!


Yes I took a screenshot, Thanks!


Airbnb answers calls 24 hours, 7 days a week, so you don’t need to wait until tomorrow. I sent you a personal message. As you are a new poster, you might not know how to access it. Click on your profile and you’ll see it.

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Thanks a lot! Very helpful!


Crazy. Please come back and update on what happens @Petia_Iosifova. I think they will be very quick to react and this host will be banned immediately. It’s funny that there are so many hosts who are aghast at Airbnb’s anti-discrimination policy and insist that it’s all “politically correct” nonsense (a la Breitbart News). Those of us who live in the real world know that discimination is not only alive but very well indeed these days.


And reply to the host “please send this communication to me through the airbnb platform so I have the information with my reservation. Thanks”

And you and your ‘french black’ husband are welcome here in DC anytime!


Thank you :slight_smile: You are very kind!

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Here in South Florida too :slight_smile:


Or Boston…

If this weren’t so serious, one might ask “did they ask you to cancel because he is French or because he is black?” Seriously, report this to AirBNB, let them help you find an alternate location, and in NO instance cancel this reservation.

I am really saddened that you have had this experience. May I ask which country/city this AirBNB is located?


No. I don’t want a link to the listing. If I did, that would have been my question… I don’t think the listing will be up for even 10 more minutes. I am interested in the country/city.

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I’m so horribly sorry that you had this experience – I would feel so angry and upset. I’m also not white but I’ve thankfully only had positive experiences when traveling through AirBNB and I’m so sorry you had the misfortune to run into this terrible, petty, and racist person. You and your husband are welcome anytime at my place if you ever want to visit Chicago!!

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