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Racism on AIRBNB


If the listing is somewhere in the Flanders, I have the answer :grinning:


@Barthelemy. I thought that you might. :slight_smile:


If you guys are ever in Ireland, you both will be most welcome in my home. I hope this experience does not put you off airbnb, as there are some wonderful hosts all over the world who are caring, professional and will help you have a super time while staying with them


Outrageous! Hopefully you will get help solving this the best possible way.
Welcome here as well.


This is absolutely horrible and I hope you’ve succeeded in reporting this horrid person.
I think you can “flag” the person on their profile on the right bottom side or call ABB and tell them.

So sorry you had to experience hate and discrimination like this.

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what was the exact dialog? Care to share your screenshot here?


And here in Minnesota!

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Spain, she told me that they are from France.

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What happened with this situation?


Le noir ca va, mais ze French, zay are mauvais nouvelles…ils fument toujours, ils ne parlent anglais, et ils aiment le tres smelly fromage. Le government Americain a passe le loi si que vous pouvez s’envoir vite le fumeur francais de votre maison.


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I smoke and LOVE smelly cheese :slight_smile:


Quelle horreur! You probably don’t shower regularly either :scream: (seeing as we’re going there).

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It’s true the French don’t speak English … at least they pretend not to! Oh you don’t speak English ok fine I’ll speak French ! But at least they don’t do what Germans do which I find super irritating ; reply to your German with English. I took to just ignoring the English and asking again in German …


From my experience Portugese, Spanish, Italian and French speak very bad English unless their job requires it. The cheese + cold cuts + wine combo seems to have a negative influence on language skills. Or they just don’t care and are happy enough with their language in their country.


I decided to add the safety pin symbol to my pictures after reading your post. What that person did was unacceptable. Most hosts aren’t total racists.


What is the safety pin symbol?


Since Trump’s election, there’s been an increase in attacks on minorities, Muslims, lgbtq, etc. The safety pin symbol has been singled out as a way to signify to others that they’re “safe” with you, whether you’re a minority, a Muslim, lgbtq and other subsets of the population.



I think there is now a blank spot in the usually-constant American Blame Game; it was all Bush’s fault for years and we now are entering the ‘It’s Trump’s Fault’ stage and he is not even president yet. Wasn’t there a president in between them, where all kinds of these types of crazy things also happened?


I don’t find much usefulness in blaming so we’ll leave that alone :slight_smile: it’s not necessarily his fault. I just said it’s happening, and that’s factual.

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