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Question for Catholic Hosts

For my fellow Catholic members in this forum. I have a toursity plastic bottle of Mother Mary that contains holy water from Lourdes, France in my Airbnb. It has been on the bookshelf in my Airbnb for years protecting the house and my guests. Well I noticed the bottle is empty. I don’t know if the water evaporated or a guest poured it out or other. So in your opinion, should I ask my priest Father Joe to refill the bottle and bless it? Or invite him over to bless the whole house? What is your experience in having your Airbnb blessed?

Call your parish and ask them if it’s okay to take some holy water from the church. All Catholic churches have holy water in the back of the church so you might be able to just help yourself.


Thanks. I did entertain the thought of bringing the bottle to mass today and filling it on my way out. But I thought by doing that it might have freaked out the people following me out. LOL.

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I don’t think this is something guests will think much about to be honest, so I think it depends on what you want for your home. If you want Father Joe to bless your house, he absolutely should! If you like having some holy water present, absolutely refill! But I don’t think guests will be thinking much about it either way.

I’m not sure where you’re located but if you want a blessed artifact, maybe tie it in to the area somehow? I once stayed in a place in New Mexico that had a vial of the holy soil from Chimayo. This was a cool novel thing, I think, for people of all faiths, because it had local interest, and it also did what you want: protect your home in accordance with your beliefs.

Good luck!

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Thanks. I don’t think my non-Catholic guests notice or think about. She is there for my comfort. My listing is pretty generic and doesn’t say “Catholic Friendly” or anything like that. My Airbnb welcomes everyone like the Church. I have always wanted Father Joe to bless the house and my Corvette LOL. Inviting him to do so will also be an opportunity to buy him a dinner out too.


I don’t think this is anything to do with your Airbnb but what makes you comfortable @Jim_Haines

If you want holy water in your house and to have your house blessed then go for it.

Interesting that you refer to her as Mother Mary - here (UK/Ireland) we call her ‘Our Lady’. or in full ‘Our Lady, mother of Jesus’ or the Virgin Mary.

By the way sadly ‘the church’ certainly doesn’t have a history of welcoming everyone but slowly, this has been changing.


just realised that my guests aren’t protected!


I would not worry about it, you are there to protect them!

I sure like my electric kettle.



I think you should be marked down to one star immediately for this lack of foresight @Barns :rofl::smiley::star_struck:


Shouldn’t that be down to a one :latin_cross: listing :wink:



Just in case you want to make your own holy water https://m.wikihow.com/Make-Your-Own-Holy-Water


@Ritz3 Oh thanks a lot! Just what I need, another hobby!! :rofl:


Thanks for this.

One never knows when it will be needed for a troublesome guest.


I’m just wondering if it’s okay to sell off the extra on Etsy or something?

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@JJD I recommend the low sodium option


Catholic hosts? Are there any here?

This is what I think of when someone says “Catholic Host”.
… Me: a “Recovering Catholic”



Kendrick has left the building.


Lordy (pun intended) @Jim_Haines

Did you miss my initial response to you thought it was pretty obvious I was responding as a Catholic host :smirk:

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How about those electric kettles? Mine gets used all the time, I bought another for my new listing.


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