Question for cat owners

I don’t know anything about cats, etc. The rental has a lot of outdoor dining chairs with fabric cushions. Today during turnover there were two chairs with black cushions that had hair all over them.

My partner actually called me outside (he was blowing the deck) and asked me if to take a look and see if I thought someone had their hair cut outside, or if it was maybe a cat. Only these two black chairs had hair all over them. None of the other chairs had any hair.

He used duct tape to get it all off. There are outdoor cats in the neighborhood - so it is possible a stray cat made himself comfortable on BOTH chairs??

I saw no evidence indoors of any animal hair. The place was left in great condition. Would a guest possibly travel with a cat that is outdoors, and won’t run off?

All of the hair was just so strange. And I can’t imagine someone had their hair cut over both chairs. My partner may rewind the cameras…i just don’t care enough for all that.

I’ve never known anyone to travel with cats unless they were moving. If the hair looks cut on the ends, it might be cut hair, lol. Cat hair isn’t perfectly even on the end. Duct tape works I suppose but you do have lint rollers right?

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No lint rollers. But I am thinking about getting some and doing the lint rolling bed sheet thing.

I did purchase one of those washable lint rollers when I first started renting. It was on an infomercial but it went to pieces.

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Are the bears checking the grill first and making themselves at home? :smile:
You can get some spray that will discourage them from sitting or coming around.


I can’t imagine that, cats hate to travel and certainly would not do well at a strange place and would probably want to explore. I asked Maggie, Rosie and Rizzo my 3 cats and they concur. Cat hair is a bit over 1" long usually and is pointed at the end. You could get a dna test lol! Yes it is possible a feral or neighbor’s cat came to your place.

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Stray cats or your neighbors outdoor cats might easily find your place to be comfy. I have a convertible parked in the driveway right now that has just one spot of car hair on the top, and the same set of paw prints going up and down.

I understand that there are sprays that smell bad to cats, you could try that. As long as you never put out food for them, they will move on to someplace more hospitable. If your guests have fed them, though, they will return hoping for more goodies.

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It comes in really handy to have lint rollers. I would have never thought of it, but it really helps with getting stray hairs and fuzz (I put a load of sheets in with new towels, whoops!). It also helps spread out creases for us non-ironers.


Now that is making sense. What is interesting is the two chairs are just basic small size chairs. The other ones have comfortable backing like rockers - you would think a cat sleeping would be more comfortable in those all curled up - versus the chairs without full backing.

When I was looking at old tapes to see which direction a bear came from…a cat did pop up in the picture. Maybe my guests have been feeding a cat… I have never seen one in person there though.

So does Stanley :slight_smile:

I definitely doubt that anyone travelling with a cat would let it go outside, even if the owners were there. So many cats are indoor cats and they’d freak and outdoor cats would be off exploring rather than sit in chairs. I think the likelihood is a neighbouring cat or two. Yes, a cat would sit on one chair then decide the other is worth a try too. Cats are delightful but odd :wink:


At first when my partner opened the front door and said “come here and take a look to let me know what you think” - my heart started racing as I noticed he was looking off in the distance.

The last guests who saw a bear…when we looked on camera - it jumped out from the embankment. My partner was looking off in that same direction. Maybe Mama and Papa bear were well - mannered and eating their porridge at the table…EEK!! I am not as brave as Goldilocks…


The lint rollers from Dollar General work great!

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You probably don’t want to purchase things from an infomercial. Either a local store or Amazon, which seems to have quite a few options.

Oh…informercials aren’t all bad. I have gotten some great things from informercials. The product had overall good reviews so it may have been user error :).

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Ok. Good reviews where?

On the internet of course! I googled the product and was satisfied with the reviews they had at that time.

Yes, I realise it was the internet. :slight_smile: I just wondered which site you had read the reviews at. In India I tend to heavily favor Amazon, because nearly all normal retail sites, shops and so forth, don’t allow one to return a defective product. Very different from the US. The big online stores like Amazon and Flipkart are an exception.

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My cats always like:

“Oh my slave has just washed and dried the guest bedsheets, great! It’s the purrfect place for me to sleep and leave my hair everywhere.”


Yes, cats are always very clear that the world is being run for their comfort. :slight_smile:


I just googled the product. I don’t know which site it was; this was over 3 years ago. I am fairly certain there is still one of the washable lint rollers in a storage bag somewhere…

Amazon is notorious for competitors writing fake negative reviews. And the merchants also give away free gifts in exchange for a review. Sometimes the latter are difficult to discover until you read a review that says " I am leaving this honest review in exchange for blah blah blah" - a lot of those are not obvious.

Hi @cabinhost,


True, but with regards to the former, that what the “verified purchase” filter is for. I suppose a competitor could buy the item before leaving a negative review, but I bet most don’t.

I’m not sure if a free gift counts as an Amazon purchase - it shouldn’t…

Also, Amazon fake reviews also stand out because they are usually weak on detail, and have nothing but vague positive (or vague negative) things to say. One should always look at the review contents; not just the star rating.