Query about how to list room - 1 or 2 guests?

Hi Folks; this is a listing query. We have a spare room with a double bed. We can take one or two people (not more). When you look at the first page of our listing, underneath the photo, the first strapline gives the headline summary, the second line gives the location, the star count and the number of reviews, and the third line gives details saying “Private room”, “2 guests”, “1 bedroom”, “1 bed”. Now, this shows my ignorance of how the system works, but by saying “2 guests” does that mean that single guests won’t see our listing? - should we change it to “1 guest”? - and then if we do, does that in turn mean that couples won’t see our listing? Obviously I’d much rather say “1 or 2 guests” but you’re not given that option. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense, but what I’m basically asking is is it better to say “1 guest” or “2 guests”! Mac

Two guests. It’s a maximum. Solo travelers will still see the listing. It’s a kind of shorthand – you can take up to 2 guests, your listing is only for 1 bedroom, and it has one bed in that room.

FWIW, to some people a Double bed is known as a Full size bed.

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Thanks Ken! - this forum is so useful for this type of question, it’s very basic but I just didn’t know what to do. Thanks again!

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Hi @southendbootboy

Have you looked at Airbnb’s Help Centre? if you use the search function you will find it will answer the vast majority of your basic questions.

Thanks Helsi - I was a bit confused by this issue and sadly there’s nothing in the AirBnB help pages that covers it. Just me being a bit OCD I think!

I didn’t mean to this specific question but the majority of basic questions ie cancelling a booking, instant book, deposit, claiming on host guarantee etc.