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Putting signs around the house?


I think it’s more about entitled versus considerate rather than clean v unclean. I aim to adjust guest expectations so they do not behave as if there are staff paid to pick up after them.


It is how someone has been raised, I think, as to whether they will be considerate guests/people.


At our farm house which we no longer rent out we had to explain the lights as well. It is a small cottage wired for 12 volt run off solar powered batteries and 240 volt using the generator. There is no mains electricity. So different switches worked depending on the power source. That along with has made it difficult for some people. So glad we don’t rent it out anymore and it’s just for us and family to enjoy. My husband has just completed building an outdoor wood fired bath house which would have caused more problems. Now we just relax and drink champagne with our dogs and sheep as company.


Have seen a number of listings with a house rule of no eating outside of certain areas so if this is still causing a problem, then a small tastefully worded sign shouldn’t bother anyone.

The scratched floors are a big deal, imo, but a sign may not help this issue. We covered all traffic areas on newly refinished floors with very low pile washable runners that have a no-skid backing on them. Luggage scratches on walls are easily remedied, but floors are expensive and labor intensive to repair.

Have had experience with many signs around the house (listing a whole house remotely years ago), but hosting in a different city onsite now have only two: one above each of the toilets (a funny one ordered on etsy), to request only tp be flushed, and one ‘shortlist’ sign next to the bed…with the wifi info., tv info. and check-out time.

Based on these two different experiences, I would say that less signage was better in my market and feels less…adversarial, though as some people have pointed out, a small sign may be necessary to explain how to use an amenity.

However, a label-maker was a good investment (for light switches, coffee/tea, remotes, a/c, heater, etc.), and has been a game changer for sure!


after gathering all thoughts here. I made some small subtle changes …

  1. I invested in a $10 floor mat for guests to park their shoes. right next to the door entrance is a little hung $2 blackboard requesting guests to kindly roll their luggage gently across the hall as we have wood flooring.

  2. A $5 blackboard on the stone top listing down the three most important house rules . (picking the impt battles ) which is 1. turn off the aircon when checking out, 2. be considerate and do not put sharp objects on the kitchen wood top. 3. No shoes around the house.

  3. Another $5 sign with a hilarious joke of the day, mainly to diffuse the tension created by the other 2 signs. I’m gonna share the joke here:

Teacher: What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?

Terrible Student : I honestly don’t know. Not that I care.

Teacher: Spot on!!!


And no guest wants to think they are ignorant or apathetic with someone else’s home!


I have a pic frame sign for WIFI on the desk, a sign by the front door for how to use the keypad lock, one sign by the laundry room door about the trash pick up. I have all the switches labeled also.


Perfect explanation.


Are you offering houseshoes?


nope no house shoes. if u offer house shoes they will step out unto the balcony and back in the house, making the whole rule pointless. it may not be intentional , people do forget. however , I offer balcony slippers.

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