Prune_me... has Airbnb been hacked?

Has anyone else come across the “prune_me” guest who stays but the payment never comes through. I have noticed four recent guests all come up with this name and have now discovered all these payments have not come through to my account. Airbnb have no record of them - although they do admit these guests appear on the calenda for my listing. All messages between myself and the guest have also disappeared from the inbox. I have called Airbnb who claim to be looking into it but I have noticed other hosts have had this problem. Unfortunately I have also noticed some future bookings with the same “prune_me” reference. I am wondering if the site has been hacked. I would urge all hosts to check their bookings and transactions. It appears to have started around mid December.


Can you explain where the Prune_me is showing up? Is this their name?

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When I call up the calendar, and click on the date of the booking, a box appears on the right which has details of the reservation including payout amount etc. The “prune_me” appears instead of their name. Please note this only appears in admin account… in the co-hosts account it appears normal. However, I have had four “prune_me” guests since mid December and none of these payments have come through. Likewise Airbnb say they have no record of the transactions.


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The prune_me issue has been resolved, all transactions (at least mine) are now showing up as of yesterday. They were not hacked it was an update to their system that went horribly wrong. I would suggest the following: Check with your bank/payout system to double check to see if you received payment. Check your transactions today and see if the missing transactions are showing up. If not, contact Airbnb again with documented proof, screen shots of the reservations, screens shots of the missing transaction report etc.


Thanks for your update Cindy. That is good to know. Did Airbnb say it was an update? I have just spoken to them - and checked my bank account minutes ago - and they said it was technical difficulties that were still ongoing.

The CS person I got…responded “well we had an update that didn’t go as planned”…they way he said it made be figure it was a slip of the tongue…lol.