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Prune me on guest profile


On December 19 someone compromised my ID on Airbnb so that I cannot see details if new reservations, I cannot message the guest, and their reservation amount is not showing up on future transactions. I have called Airbnb and sent screen shots of the problem. No luck. HELP!

Prune_me... has Airbnb been hacked?

I’d keep calling them back and reporting it. You will eventually speak with someone who may actually help.


Try using twitter to get their attention.


Did they just put the phone down on you or something??? How do you know that ‘someone’ compromised your ID?

I rarely have to call them but if I don’t get the answer I want, I dial right back and talk to someone else.


Nothing we can do here; except urge you to keep calling and asking to speak to the next level of supervisor until you get the problem solved!


Every time I read this thread title I read it as “My id (in the freudian sense) has been compromised.” and I think “Mine too, honey, mine too.”


Ha. Meant to put in uppercase. This is serious, though. I can’t do business. Yes, I keep calling, put comments in the Air Twitter account. Some delinquent targeted me and I wish I knew who it was. I had one terrible guest who I accused of theft who was new to Air. But that was a while back.
The guest name gets replaced with “prune_me” which is some kind if religious term ( per Google search). Seriously, this is really bad.


I know that. I put it out there to see if anyone else was affected by this.


Sorry, it is a serious problem. I wish I could help.


I know my ID was hacked because of loss is access to all reservations, and the guest name is always changed to “prune_me”. I’ve done research. My co-host can still do what she is authorized to do, thankfully, but I cannot.


When I had a co-host I used to have access to a log of activities. If you look in the co-host section under activity can you see anything on the 19th that looks suspicious. Are there any IP addresses? Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve seen that section I can’t recall what is visible.


yes, there’s a section marked activity. I did see a log from Calif. on the date I was hacked, so I logged them out. I’m not sure that this is an isolated incident, btw. thanks for your suggestion.


we also have an automated message system that now doesn’t work because it’s driven by my Air ID. :rage:


it’ time to go for direct booking and my own server…


@cmpipe I have had the same thing happen to my account 2 days ago. Each of the guests that booked since then has prune_me as their name. I cannot message or view their reservations, but I see them on my calendar. My co-host is unaffected but I am the listing admin. I’ve gotten very little help from airbnb. I am just wondering did you get the issue resolved and how so? I’m really at a loss for what to do and this is the only thread I’ve come across with the same situation. I’d appreciate your response. Thanks so much.


@Darren_Clarke hi, Darren, this is an internal Airbnb software problem that they are aware of. Everything that you described also happened to me. I spoke with Airbnb support AGAIN last night, and they finally admitted to causing the problem. I asked for receipts if upcoming transactions which will be emailed to me. Call and ask for the same. There’s a guy on YouTube who has a few suggestions on what to do as a work-around. I’m not sure it will help, but it’s titled " Airbnb Automation". If you can’t find it let me know. Air support said it may take another week to fix. If you’re using the message tool Smartbnb, they are aware of the problem.


One idea: I created another profile and am inviting myself to become a co-host to see if that lets me access the new reservations. May or may not work…lol!


Thanks so much for the reply. I was hoping it was a glitch in the software on airbnb’s side. Hopefully they can straighten this out. Fortunately, my wife is my co-host and has no issue responding to guests. Let us hope they sort this issue out soon!


hi, I also have a co-host, but my workaround is that I created another ID, invited that ID to co-host, so now I can see reservations…lol! so I’m both admin and co-host…


cmpipe and Darren… I just had the exact problem!
guest is now called prune_me and I can not do anything but my co-host can… hope they can fix fast because it sucks!

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