Provide a safe or or secure storage?

One of the things I want to do for my listing is to provide the amenities that a typical hotel provides on top of the specific extras of my listing. Many hotels provide a safe in the room, but it’s not one of Airbnb’s amenity check-boxes anywhere that I can see. I’m wondering if many Airbnb hosts provide this amenity and how often it gets used and for what purpose.

I purchased a wall safe for my listing before I joined Airbnb but I never installed it. It’s not big enough for a laptop but would work for storing passports, jewelry, cash, or even a handgun. I’m wondering if it’s worth the time and effort to install.

Nope, if it doesn’t fit a laptop then it’s of no use to this traveller & I don’t & would not carry a gun, just bear spray.:upside_down_face:

I was thinking along the same lines but I figure it’s of little value in regards to more bookings. Can’t hurt I suppose.

When I see content like this in a post, it gives me the shivers. The thought of a guest (in most cases, a guest is a random stranger) bringing a firearm into our premises, even a legally held firearm, would make me extremely uncomfortable.

Fortunately, we live in a country where private ownership of firearms is highly restricted, compared to many other countries.

Anyway, back on topic.

No we don’t provide a safe as yet, mainly because of the expense. The cheaper models (with digital keypads) aren’t terribly secure and a decent quality model, plus proper installation would run to €250/300 per safe for both apartments. Maybe if we have a good season and want to offset some profits against tax we’ll look at it again, but so far no-one has complained or asked about one.


That’s why I stay in BNB’s so I don’t have to worry about my stuff getting ripped off.

OMG never crossed my mind a guest could bring a gun into my house. Why? I personally see little value in having a safe. I rent a whole house to groups. They are families or group of friends. I doubt they will need to hide stuff from each other. In the rare occasions I rent individual bedrooms either there’s only one person in the house or if it’s two there’s a lock on the bedroom.

I once had a sport shooter book my airbnb. He informed me up front since he was booking my place to attend the competition nearby and asked if it was ok to bring his weapons. I said thanx for asking me and sure, no problem, good luck! I used to be a competitive sport shooter in the Army myself and feel this guest did exactly what airbnb wants its guests and hosts to do, COMMUNICATE and ensure MUTUAL acceptance and respect.

Perhaps, given my host profile of past schools, he was quite comfortable asking me and the likelihood of my saying yes. But I am quite certain that this guest would have happily gone elsewhere had I told him no.

My benchmark is basically what average hotels in my area offer. I found that very few hotels in my area prohibit firearms. Still, the real point is whether guests need secure storage, which most hotels do provide, and what I’m hearing is that it doesn’t seem like it. I have traveled internationally on business about 3 times per year for the past 12 years with a laptop. I have never used a hotel safe, so I tend to believe that they aren’t used that much.

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