Prospective local guest wants to spend time with "girlfriends"

Hi folks,

So, like many here I instinctively dislike the idea of local guests, though I’ve not had any bad experiences along those lines, nor do I have solid evidence that this is a bad idea. Still, living where I do, I figure it is better to be safe than sorry.

From time to time I get requests for local couples to spend some time here. I say something like - I generally prefer not to host locals without a good reason - and they fairly rapidly disappear. For some reason, these people tend not to make booking requests directly, either.

I just got an unusually persistent variation of this. He wanted to talk to me on the phone, but I didn’t. Not sure why, it just seemed like an unnecessary escalation of something that should be simple.

I quote this person’s last post to me verbatim. I hope he doesn’t do a search for the text… :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m wondering what the forum makes of this. I think it’s likely that “girlfriends” is code for prostitutes, though maybe I’m being uncharitable. But my experience is that it is difficult enough to have one woman interested in you. To be clear, I don’t have any moral objections to prostitutes, but my feeling is that in a place like India, they might well be connected to criminal activity. No evidence, just a feeling. And more generally, I just want to keep things, and my life, simple and straightforward. It’s risky enough renting to strangers without stacking the odds.

My preferred clients are travellers, preferably international ones (though I’ve had no problems with Indian guests), who can communicate sensibly, and preferably people who don’t want to have a conversation about it beforehand, have good reviews on Airbnb, and of course, don’t want discounts. Though I’ve not really bothered by lack of reviews, either.

Thoughts welcome, even if it’s just - shrug, I dunno. :slight_smile:


Well the main reason for me keen on your room is that I am a South Mumbai resident and hence it makes sense that I would opt for a place close by. Well I am looking for a place just to spend about 4 or 5 hours with a girlfriend. I come from a decent family and would not oerefer to go to any hotel for such a meetup. You are free to decline if you don’t find me upto your standards. My full name is xxx xxx. And I am a parsi. Am having a restaurant business.

Well what more do you wanna know. And yes am having a few problems at home hence am meeting girlfriends. I suppose it’s natural. You can be assured that I will do nothing to tarnish your image or property or name. If you can happily rent your room out to me then fine or else you are free to decline too. Payment can be made directly to you. Hoping to hear from you.

Yuk. Why are you even considering this guy.

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Just trying to be open minded and non-judgmental, I suppose. :man_shrugging:


Why? It’s just tawdry and seedy. No need to be open minded just for the sake of it. I would block someone sending a message like that. It’s not nice to read.

Thank you for your thoughts. Do you think it’s prostitutes too, then? And I don’t think Airbnb allows blocking currently. There was a thread about it recently. I think they used to allow that, but I have never done so.

Of course Airbnb allows blocking. What do I think of sex workers? I think they need support and protection so they can choose what kind of work they’d like to do. What do I think of your potential guest? Pond life would be a compliment.

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Oh, I thought they didn’t.

No, I was asking whether you thought the prospective guest was planning to bring a prostitute here. But never mind.

He gives me the “hebbie jebbies”. I like to follow my gut instincts. I personally would not host him. Just follow your gut or heart on this one. Trust your instincts.

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Yes of course he’s planning to bring a sex worker/prostitute.

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I don’t like that he wants to book/pay off platform. That puts you in a bad spot.


Yes, I noticed that. But I considered that a detail. It’s actually fairly common with Indians to want to bypass the platform. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, they have less incentive to behave. On the other, at least I don’t have to worry about a bad review. Though, Indians being Indians, they seem to be mostly concerned about saving money.

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Hi @cabinhost. How are you doing?

It’s possible, but probably not. There was something about the tone of the whole exchange. And he wouldn’t tell me the name of his “friend”.

And in another message, he wrote:

And will tell you the names of my friends too.

People aren’t usually shy about telling you about someone they’re with.

Possibly. But also, I’ve heard from multiple sources that Bombay hotels take a dim view of unmarried couples. At least Indian unmarried couples. I have no first hand experience of this, though.

In any case, do you have any views on this prospective booking?

I got the impression there would be different people at different times. It sounds like he wanted to make it a regular thing.

The ages of who? The people in question? The prospective guest’s pic didn’t look that young. Assuming it was his picture, of course. But the chances are that it was.

First, Do you know the extra $$$ or think they’ll come in handy?

If so, send the guy a message that you deal strictly through Airbnb and he needs to make a reservation for 1 guest. Make the ‘within the platform’ very clear to cover your back.

Then if he actually does that, check him out when he comes. Then re-think if it would be the right situation for you.

I rather think it is some kind of more informal hook- up, think Tinder etc. There are easier ways to hook up with Sex workers.
Don’t you have to register guests with name and address? That would apply to similar prices hotels as well? That could be a strong incentive to go private. He might want to go into politics later on in life.

I’m not following this sentence.

I could do that, but I’m inclined to pass. I’m not going to make much money on individual days, anyway. They are usually too much hassle to be worth it, anyway. without adding extra complications.

Shrug. No idea. “Hooking up” in India isn’t that easy. This isn’t Brazil. Women aren’t that… relaxed here. It might be different if you were very rich, very famous, or part of the show biz community (e.g. the so-called Bollywood). I get the impression that stuff goes on in Bombay that would put Caligula to shame, but it’s definitely very much a minority thing.

Yes, I write down a bunch of stuff and also take ids. Not sure what you mean about the politics thing.

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Hi @cabinhost,

Thanks for the feedback.

I really have no idea. But I’m a bit concerned about deviating from the straight and narrow. In general, India isn’t a good place to be too relaxed about people. It’s a lawless and crazy place. Oh, and I think it’s very unlikely that it’s a sex trafficking sort of thing. I think it’s just what it sounds like.

Not that much money. I get around Rs. 2800 for a one day stay, for two people. That’s about USD 41. And if they make a mess of the room, it could be quite unpleasant.

Hi Faheem,

Now you know what I’m like so you’re probably expecting this answer from me but here goes - to me it sounds as though yes, it’s a prostitute or two he’s planning on entertaining in your room. I didn’t immediately think of anything illegal or anything to do with trafficking.

I’d host him (as you might have guessed!) but I’d do it through Airbnb and stick to any legal requirements you have such as getting copies of his ID. Personally, I wouldn’t ask for the name of his companion unless that’s your definite policy.

I don’t know what it’s like in Mumbai of course but I could use those words to describe South Florida sometimes! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi @jaquo,

Nice to hear from you. How are you doing?

Yes, I guessed. Does this come up often for your listing?

Yes, I ask for id from all guests staying here. I can imagine that in this case, it could get awkward.

You know what they say, it’s all relative. :slight_smile:

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Friends and girlfriends both plural, doesn’t want to take them to his “good home”, hotels not good for “such a meetup” and only 4-5 hours …

Kudos for his honesty, as far as it has been shared, at least. But I think I would file this request under: “What am I getting myself into cleaning up after?”

Purely from that unknown … Yuck - deny.

My concern would be your place getting a reputation for allowing these afternoons to happen. It would appear that to allow it once, then there would be further requests from others.