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This is absolutely unaxeptable. You should call Airbnb at once.

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You need to get control back. First of all, call Air and tell them what’s been going on, especially the part about leaving a 3 year old with you.

Write the parents a message through the AIR platform that states if they leave the child alone again, you will call the police.

Even if you do everything these people want, they may still leave you a bad review. Don’t be held hostage. Call AIR and open a case.


The more I think about this, I think there is a possibility something bad is going on. Are you a 100% sure the woman is really his wife? Are you 100% sure the daughter is theirs?

What are they doing during the day? What is the mother doing flying to other countries? As I said before, take back control of your own house and figure out who these people are. I just can’t imagine leaving my 3 year old in a foreign country with someone who doesn’t even speak the same language.

If they do write a bad review, you can respond. As soon as you mention the part about leaving the 3 year old with you, it will become clear how irresponsible they are. And you can write a review about them to.

Absolutely call airbnb immediately. There is no way they should leave you alone with that child. You need to get them out as soon as possible. A bad review is a small problem at this moment.

You will need to be paid for all people staying, for damages, and for time spent as Nanny. They need to know this is completely unacceptable.

Please keep us informed.


I am sure that is their daughter. The father has a meeting in our country. The mother must work in country B, that is what they said. At the beginning they told me the daughter would go to country B with the mother for tourism but later the mother told me suddently she was going there to work. I have no idea if they lie or not. But she left for the airport just like that leaving her child so crying… even in the midnight, she is crying: mamamama…i want my mama…and they never appolgized. The guy is very rude. He never said thank you, sorry and just wanted to avoid to communicate. When he need something he would ask me like early check in at 7 am. I gave him 30 big plastic bags and he used them up in 10 days and ask me again or ask to use the washmashine. I am very confused in such situation. I think if he endless asks extra service no problem but he should pay.

The mother left the daughter alone because i shew her around the area for free and tell them lot of information they think i am nice and want to make used of me. But i think that is total crazy that she told me that she would take a plane in 2 hours and just left her daught alone in my house.

Ridiculous- Contact Airbnb and contact your police/child protective services-this is abandonment. For the future-adjust your house rules that children should not be left untended.

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You need to communicate with the father through the Airbnb platform. He can’t avoid that. That way you have a record.

Send him a booking change for the number of people. It doesn’t matter if he thinks the child should be free. Your home is not a restaurant. Take photos of the damaged blanket.

CALL AIRBNB. It’s your home. You have the power.

Normal people do not suddenly decide to go work in a new country with one day notice. If she is working, it’s probably illegal.

I think Airbnb has a way to cancel reviews of both parties if there is some kind of crazy situation going on, but they can’t do anything if they don’t know about it. Call!!!

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I did, but he didn’t reply

I am in Germany. There is no call center here… I tried to change the booking but it says we both need to pay the fee for changing…so that i have to cancel the requirement for changing of booking. The problem is the mother came and went how can i prove that she lived there for how many days. I can not just call the police like that. Last time i called the police because of airbnb deposite the police told me if i call them again because of cilvil problem i have to pay the police bill.

This entire story is really strange and a bit nonsensical. How long have you been a host and why in the world would you have allowed the “parents” to leave their minor child with you for even an hour, much less for days. You obviously don’t speak the same language and you don’t know their motive or anything about their situation…and you are worried about a bad review if you apply a charge for the child?! Incredible!

You need to lift your hands in the air and step a-waaay from your keyboard and call the proper authorities immediately…and I don’t mean Air. You could get into serious trouble because as for now, you are responsible and liable for the care of this minor child.

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Call the United States Airbnb number directly. Do it now. Airbnb resolution center and contact information with phone numbers - Tools - Airbnb hosts forum has the numbers. Have you emailed Airbnb? If not, do it now.

Wow, this isn’t very nice at all. Is this typical of Germany?

@SandyToes Agreed, this all seems a bit strange.

Let me preface this by saying that there are many exceptions in a population of 1.4 billion. Generally speaking, though, Chinese people will keep pushing your limits until you make them stop.

If you give an inch, they will take a mile. In business, they perceive any niceness as weakness. If you showed up to an Airbnb in China with extra guests, they would make you pay.

While Chinese people can be very giving and nice to their friends and family, they tend to treat strangers (“out group”) poorly by Western standards. If you try to handle them the way you would handle a German guest, it’s not likely to be effective.

You need to be blunt and firm. Stop worrying about reviews, for now.

Write the man a letter through the platform and tell him exactly what rules they have broken and what the consequences are. Tell him how it will be from now on. Don’t ask. Print out a copy of the letter and tape it to their, door, so there can be no misundstaning. Use simple English and short sentences. You might even put the letter through Google Translate and have a Chinese version below the English. You don’t have to be rude. Just be firm and business-like.

Also, call the number Faheem gave you!!! I don’t understand what you are waiting for.


You are right. But that guy didn’t reply my sms in airbnb that is the problem.

Even if he doesn’t reply, you are leaving a record for Airbnb. They can look at the old messages. He can’t say “I didn’t know.”

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i think he is going to say " i don’t know".

OMG - you have to document it on the platform and you have to call the ABB and press the number for an emergency. No more discussion. Just do it.


Something is wrong with this whole story. I’m scratching my head.


Agreed. Personally, I would not have let any of this happen and I would NOT stop to post in a forum!


Exactly, it’s all over the place, 3 year old, dirty blanket, bad review worries, no sms message, people coming and going and all with the same level of priority?
As we say REALLY??
And Kiki just joined the forum a few hours ago
And there is a CS number for Germany at the top of the forum
Germany +49 30 30 80 83 80