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Problem guest cancelled yday, now has contacted us to say can they uncancel as on the way to our place!

Problem! Guest cancelled yday, now has contacted us to say can they uncancel as on the way to our place!!!
We have took the opportunity to go away to see family today.
They said the canceled by mistake. How can you cancel by mistake. Help!

Well you will have to cancel which will penalize you or cancel your plans and do a quick turn around. When ever I make personal plans I block that day off because situations like this will happen.

I dont understand?
They cancelled yday. The day was blocked off after as we dont accept same day bookings.
We are several hrs away. Now they are asking for a full refund. I have strict cancellation policy.

They cancelled and you got to keep their money and now they made another reservation or they are just coming anyway today because they have your address? Tell the the room is not available sorry. No one there to let them in they might as well go find another place.

I told them we were not home. They said okay they will get a hotel. I told them to contact air to help them find emergency accomodation asap. They said they just want a refund. They also told me they had cancelled another reservation by mistake of another place they had to stay overseas-they said they have been hurt badly by losing money on the both. Trying to guilt trip.

No refund! They prevented you from renting to someone else so you are losing money if you refund. Why should you lose money when you didn’t do anything wrong or make a mistake. If you could make them less stupid by giving them money maybe it would be worth it, but you can’t so they are going to have to learn on their own.


A week or so before they were also himming and hamming whether they could make it to Belfast. I think they are just messing me around. Also never communicated arrival times, so how can they say today, we will be there in a hour with you. Then straight away the next message was, omg we have realized we have cancelled with you in error!

They are a danger to themselves if they are actually that unaware of what they are doing. No refund.


Sunshine, give Air a call. They should back you on this. Hopefully they don’t have instructions on how to get to your house?

If they had confirmed reservations they have instructions to get TO the house. Hopefully they can’t get IN the house.

Hi Kona
They know we arent in and we are no where close to the apt, so I think they are opting for a hotel. How on earth did they cancel mine and another booking in error is beyond me. And, also how did they not realize till the very last minute!
Saying that if we were in today, we would of sorted out for them to stay.
Suppose to be enjoying time with family and their stupitity has stressed us out. grr


Yes they would of had instructions, but I made them aware we werent home. I told them due to their cancellation we took the opportunity to make other plans.

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@sunshine1 - what a drag. These people do NOT belong in the airbnb community.

When you cancel a reservation through airbnb you have to say ‘yes’ more than once. A big orange button comes up and says “ARE YOU SURE”. There’s no way they could have done this in error.

Was the conversation in the messaging system? Recently I’ve had a few problems with guests and airbnb backed me up because it was documented in the platform.

Good luck!!! Try to put it behind you and enjoy your unexpected holiday!


I wouldn’t do anything. No need to call Airbnb.

They cancelled = they do not have a valid reservation = they are not allowed to enter your property. Period.

If they attempt to do so (maybe you can call a neighbor or somebody can have a look for you?), call the police.


Exactly, AirBnB need not be called; they cancelled, they now can’t stay there, they can’t leave a ‘hostage’ review and you don’t have to return their money. Enjoy your trip.


Hey guys thanks for your input.
All messages recieved and sent are in the air message inbox. They knew they were in the wrong, but still chanced their arm for a refund. I said to them twice about calling air to see if they would get them emergency accommodation, but they were adamant they were going to a hotel. I dont think they wanted to bother calling air, as they knew it was their error. (i still think there was something more to it, than them just making an error, as you say DC, they are asked more than once if they want to cancel). I havent bothered calling air either. I was going to, but then thought, NOPE, i’m not wasting anymore time on them. I didnt do anything wrong.


The beauty of the situation is that it doesn’t matter if there is more to it; maybe they had a private ax battle and momentarily decided not to go then made up, a Martian con them into going to Mars instead but the rocket didn’t have enough fuel, who knows.


Going to need a hand getting up out of the floor after that line! :smiley: :laughing:


You don’t want this type of guest staying in your house. We had something similar a couple months back where the couples were bickering and didn’t know if they wanted to come or not. They ended up coming anyway, while in their agitated state and demanded we provide them two extra beds so they wouldn’t have to sleep together.


Maybe. They were on honeymoon :wink:

ps: we had actually bought them specially made cupcakes for the moon period. lol
I hope the other guests appreciate!

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