Pricing for extra night after guest arrives

This is a good problem to have, IMO. We have guests currently at our villa checking out Thursday, and they told our housekeeper today they may stay an extra night. We have Thursday night open, and it’s not bookable by anyone but them (two nights open but min stay four nights).

Thoughts on how to price this if they decide to stay? They booked at $500 a night.

I don’t understand your question; are you asking if you should charge less because no one can book that night so this is unexpected income, OR… should you charge them more because they are already there and “you have them”.

I always stick to my rate. In your case, “We’d love to have you stay an extra night. We’ll honor the normal $500 rate.” An exception might be if some other factor makes you feel like doing something special for them, whatever that may be.


Charge them the extra night through a reservation alteration. Change the checkout date and add the additional charge. The guest will get the alteration request and needs to approve it.


What @Ritz3 said plus keep your $500 a night rate. No discounts for anything!


I would just tell them sure, and put in the change/alteration.

No reason to discount.



I actually never thought of that. I wouldn’t do that - it’s a good way to turn a great review into no review or a not-so-great one, IMO. I was wondering if I most hosts discount simply because it’s better than getting nothing.

Thanks, @Ritz3 . I wasn’t sure of the process. Does that add a service fee to it?

Yes. But if you charge via the resolution center it doesn’t. So that’s what I’d do.

Unlike the no discount crowd, I would offer a small discount if they’ve been a good booking to this point. The extra night is a bonus of sorts, and very little additional work. That’s the kind of thing I’d really appreciate and the savings would probably go to an increased tip for the staff. However if they framed it as “how much for an additional night?” expecting a discount then I’d be less inclined to offer it.

It also seems like a discount is a good way to help guarantee that the review is good. Many people have a lower rate for more days and maybe this doesn’t trigger that but I’d still probably frame it as “We are pleased that you like the place and want to extend your stay. Since it makes it a 6 night stay the additional night would be $460. If you decide to stay we will send the change through the resolution center so that no additional service fee is added.”


I vote no discount. They are asking you for an accommodation (oh! I made a pun!), and should be pleased to get it.


I did that a couple times using a reservation change request. Airbnb calculates the price based on whatever rates you have in place. I don’t know what happens if you hit time-of-stay discount, though. E.g. what if the extra day makes the reservation total 7 days and triggers a weekly discount.

It’s very reasonable to offer a discount on the extra day if you are considering accepting the payment for the extra day off-platform, but if you don’t already accept such payment methods for direct bookings, etc., then an off-platform payment could complicate your accounting. Alternate payment methods might also be complicated for some guests.

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Yes, there is a service fee. I usually give guests a discount so it “kinda” evens out.

I accept credit cards, it cost me 2.5%
Air charges me 3%

I see no benefit for discounting direct bookings.


The answer for me is simple. No discounts in high season.

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My housekeeper told me yesterday morning that he had already rearranged their flights to stay. Since he hadn’t contacted me to confirm he could stay, I contacted him and confirmed it. So I didn’t offer a discount or even state the rate, just told him the ways to pay and which ones incurred extra service fees. He chose direct payment and paid the same nightly rate as he had paid for the other nights.

I think we’ll get a good review without having to pay for it. This is a couple on their honeymoon just enjoying the peacefulness and the view and the pool, and our housekeeper is taking care of them making all their meals.

And they told our driver “We spent the first part of our honeymoon at Sandals. Why, oh why, didn’t we just spend all of it here?!” Ahhhh, happy guests make happy hosts!

Thanks, everyone, for all for your advice.


The answer for me is even simpler, no length of stay discounts at all.
I prefer shorter stays.


I am an “on-sight” host, which I believe gives me more flexibility in these situations (although guests rarely have the opportunity to add a day). If they have been great guests up to this point, we would offer to let them stay the extra night “direct booked” with us and then block that night on our calendar. We would charge them our normal rate which is is effect a discount to them due to no additional fees and it is a bit of a gain for us since we don’t lose any fees as well. It’s a “win-win” for everyone involved…but again…only if they’ve been great guests so far.