Price suggestions from Airbnb

Just received one of their emails telling me to reduce prices to compete with local properties.

We charge £10 more than a caravan. We offer Hot Tub, Sauna, Farm Experience and a beautiful two bedroom self contained cottage. Same as the other two properties thaough but only one has a hot tub.

Next Month
Their average Occupancy Rate 33 %
My occumpamsce Rate 91 %

This month

Their Average Occumpancy 40%
My Occumpancy Rate 50%

Just wanted to know what I am doing wrong?

Really? Telling you? Yes, Airbnb sends out emails from time to time with what they call ‘price suggestions’ but most hosts simply ignore them. (After all, we know our businesses better than they do). I’m really surprised that they are actually telling you to reduce your price. Are you sure?

The only thing you’re doing wrong is reading those messages. Go in your notifications and turn them off. Problem solved.


Any price advice from Airbnb is best ignored…


My current “tip” from Airbnb says to lower my minimum price from $120 to $77, so I raised it to $129.


Airbnb favours the guest. Simple as that.

Delete pricing tips, don’t use their dynamic pricing.

Airbnb favors themselves. They get about 15% of every reservation, no matter what the guest pays. So, no matter how low the price goes, 15% percent of something is better than zero.

That said, I’m sure there is a threshold where the cost of customer service, “insurance” claims, etc. exceeds the revenue from additional discounted reservations, but I have a hunch that’s why the minimum nightly rate is $10.

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They suggest I offer my beautifully decorated, modern, 2 bedroom, 1 and a 1/2 bath house with tons of amenities for $47 per night. That’s just absolutely crazy, considering you can’t get a room at a budget hotel for that little here.

That’s the entire house listing they think I should charge $47 a night for! Ignore their price tips. They’re worthless. Also your local competition will hate you for lowballing.


Well of course they favor themselves, duh… But the are doing it by making hosts lower their prices, minimum stays, cancellation policies, booking options etc.
Not saying they are “evil” or anything like that.

This is just something you have to have in mind when looking at their suggestions, especially about pricing.

My favourite price tip was 19€. Which is the price I pay to board two dogs at a kennel when I go on holiday. :joy:

Wow, you’ve beaten my lowest “Price tip” by a fair bit. Somewhere around twenty six euros they suggested! At the time, we were getting bookings from BDC for seventy five to one hundred euros per night (Zambombas!).


Sorry the last figures are last month!


Of course they do. They are not a charity, they’re a business.

No. They don’t MAKE us do anything. Why do hosts pay attention? It’s beyond me.

This happened with Therapists some years ago. You joined a company that was called say Therapists’R’us.Com!!! and over five years you fee goes down and down and because they have the customers and you need to clients they control everything!!

Deliveroo and Uber its all the same.

ABNB have taken over our businesses. They can, they have.

Were near retirement so it is not so bad but what the young will do to live I do not know.

Andrew Andrews

Airbnb can certainly provide recommendations, but it’s your pad, so you decide what you should charge. It’s worth looking at competitors pricing in order to make sure you are offering a good deal, but it sounds as though you have a lot to offer (and are only charging £10 more)!

You could try raising your profile via marketing. Check out platforms, Airbnb is popular but there are others you could try out too. It’s also a good idea to use social media to spread the word about what you have to offer.