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We have decided to phase in re-opening by eliminating our cherished interaction with guests over breakfast shared from our kitchen. Breakfast options in our small town are limited, especially on weekdays. Most of our guest love a bowl of cereal or a muffin and some fruit. They are not looking for a gourmet meal. Rooms have refrigerators so I can easily stock individual juices, milks, cereal/granola packs and fruit. Each room has a coffee maker. However replacing baked goods is a challenge. I would like to buy individually packaged high quality muffins or pastries that I could freeze and thaw to put in the rooms when needed. Has anyone used a vendor for this that guests have appreciated? I don’t mind being directed to another thread if this has been answered elsewhere.

“Nothin’ spells lovin’ like something from the oven.” No commercial product can compare. Don’t compromise. Make your own…freeze your own. Scones and fruit bread slices freeze well. or make tiny loaves in those 2" x 3" disposable tins


True. However, I’ve always bought my baked goods, that were well received, to avoid local food service regulations. Bizarrely the guest favorite is Stop and Shop banana bread. I had to get my husband to stop telling people that I made it. Having it unwrapped and nicely displayed makes a big difference. I’m not a very good cook either.


Sorry I can’t answer your question. I would see if there is a local bakery that could perhaps supply you weekly/monthly. I also feel confident that some online options will be available. Obviously more people are going to be looking to order quality stuff online and businesses will fill that need. There are also prepacked breakfast sandwiches similar to egg mcmuffins (I eat a Jimmy Dean one that I get at Costco) that are readily available. Don’t worry, people are going to understand the new reality.


Are you able to check in the frozen food section of a local supermarket? In the UK two of our supermarkets have excellent frozen, uncooked croissants, baguettes, pain au raisin etc that are (or were…) loved by my guests. I kept them in the freezer until needed, and the smell of baking helped get guests down for breakfast in timely fashion!

I could never make such good pastries myself, except for choux pastry which is not exactly breakfast fare.

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Trader Joe’s has great ones. However, it still requires me handling food. I’m hoping to find something wrapped that looks high quality that the guest can unwrap and even nuke a little if they prefer heated. I’ll probably give them a carafe of coffee since the coffee makers in their rooms are tiny. When its warm, I’m hoping that we can sit out in the yard at a reasonable distance and be a little more hospitable.

Food for thought :croissant:.

  1. Will a local food service supply sell to individuals? They should have individually wrapped baked goods/snacks for commercial distribution.

  2. Costco & Sams often have individuality packaged muffins either fresh or frozen.

  3. Call a local vending company and ask who is their supplier for items like oatmeal cookies and muffins

  4. Buy Little Debbie snacks at a discount grocer like Aldi or Lidel or Big Lots. Not a premier product but tasty, consistent and individually wrapped. Their Banana bread snack cake is good.

  5. Everything is on Amazon

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I’m with @KenH on this. I think there are ways that you can still provide a personal touch, with out the physical touching.

  • I use quarter loaf pans; I freeze (in ziplock bags) what I don’t use right away and then provide guest an individual cake rather than slices.
  • And recently with Doubletree providing their cookie recipe, I’ve made the batter, then frozen individual batter balls that I can bake when needed. My last set of guests were very grateful.

EDIT: DT cookie recipe is herein


Agreed. Besides, people are still buying prepared food, having food delivered, picking up to-go food. There is still no evidence or suspicion of it spreading through food. The key is them washing their hands before they eat it (and that’s the same whether it’s individually wrapped or not). I can’t see any issue with you providing food that is not individually wrapped. I’d be more worried about the wrapper than the muffin, personally. There are lines around the block to pick up to-go food and Domino’s is hiring extra drivers so I doubt that anyone who decides to travel soon will be concerned about it either.

@HH_AZ light ice cream?? Should be illegal, especially during a pandemic :wink:


Did any of you who are responding, telling the OP she could still provide the personal touch and bake the stuff herself, actually read what she wrote?

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Only one person mentioned that she could bake stuff herself and that was said before she made the statement that you are quoting.

I.E. something that is not individually wrapped, like the banana bread from Stop and Shop that she mentioned in the same post.

Do you need a nap, hug or a snack ? :hugs:

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a couple of us offered an alternative; Not that, that EVER happens on this board! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But thank you @muddy for policing the forum. :policeman:


Wow did you get out of bed the wrong side today @muddy?

In some locations, you’d need a commercial kitchen and regular inspections from the authorities if you’re going to cook for guests (even breakfasts) so I’ve always used pre-packaged. I always use Amazon because a) they have a pretty good selection in their pantry department, b) I can buy in bulk, c) it’s easy and d) I don’t need to mess about with receipts as my entire ‘goods for Airbnb’ history is right there online.


I’ve got the recipe. I think freezing the batter balls is THE next step for me

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I am sure there is some misunderstanding, I just wanted to know the views of Airbnb hosts.
I own a pre-packaged food company and I am researching on creating a product specially for Airbnb Hosts.

No Non Não Nein Nej Nie Nyet


If I wanted organic foods for my guests I wouldn’t source them from half way across the world.

I would buy locally within minimal packaging and air miles @Pana

Try posting on the India host gorum.

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Well we are working on making it available online across the globe with free shipping. And India doesn’t seem to have a forum of its own, so just getting to know everyone’s views here.