Praise for AirBnB Support

After 100+ guests and 3 years of Superhost status the wheels came off on Thursday - our central heating system crashed, and in the North of England in January you can’t do without it! The plumber told us he couldn’t fix it until Monday so we had to cancel this weekend’s guests. I emailed ABB Support - they were very helpful and said we wouldn’t be penalised as the circumstances were beyond our control providing some documentation was submitted. I supplied this, nice email back, everything sorted, no penalty. Then late last night I looked at my host dashboard - and there’s a penalty showing! Panic! So I emailed Support again, and with 5 minutes they were on the phone to me telling me it had been sorted - and it was. So all-in-all I was quite impressed - a good job done by Support, and they get so much bad press on here I thought I’d give praise when praise was due. It’s bloody cold here and we’re sitting wrapped up in duvets - I wonder is Support can provide heaters?


Good to hear that they were helpful. My heater wasn’t working over the weekend but my guest was fine.

I have a furnace for my central heat. In the Airbnb room I have an electric radiant heater that mounts to the wall; very space saving, safe and completely quiet as it has no fan. I also have a small plug in heater in the bathroom that guests can use. In my part of the house I have the same wall mounted heater in my bedroom. Other ways to keep my part of the house warm include a fireplace, an electric oven I can turn on and open the door and a contraption that vents my clothes dryer into my house.

All this would probably be overwhelmed in N. England but you might look at your options.

Thanks - yes, but no central heating system for us also means no hot water! Our only source of hot water at the moment is boiling a kettle, and I’m sure our guests wouldn’t have been happy with that!

My apartment doesn’t have any sort of heating at all, so that’s exactly what I do. Yes, even in South Florida… :crazy_face: