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Power is out on our block

We just had guest check in about 15 mins after the power went out on our apartment block. This is an electric company problem, and sometimes happen in the dead of summer here in Barcelona. The guests are livid, they also did not read the house rules about no smoking and are pissed about that too. They want to cancel, of course. How should I handle this? Have them call/deal with Air bnb directly? Walk them through how to cancel via the website? Thoughts?

In this day and age who smokes in houses. I have the occasional cheeky cig but would never do it indoors. Where are they from? Not your fault electricity is gone. I’m sure it’ll be back soon enough if it’s the full block that out.


I’d just be rid of them and am so over smoking I don’t even want smoker who smoke outdoors in my place. Tell them to call ABB to cancel. It’s probably worth losing money to be rid of them. Maybe you’ll get a splendid last minute booking.


Since they have obviously broken house rules about smoking, you can eject THEM, for cause, and they should not get a refund.

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It’s Spain, we havent got the ‘no smoking’ memo yet. :joy::joy::joy:

They are Chinese living in Switzerland, which makes the smoking indoors thing even odder.

Apparently its back on now, but they still left. Weird weird guests.


Chinese are hardcore chain smokers. They consider it a “loss of face” to be told they can’t smoke.



How they do that in Switzerland is beyond me! They must never go anywhere.

I agree with everyone that these people just need to go as I dont need to add to my list of problematic guests as of lately!

They had not smoked inside YET but Im sure that was coming next.

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Ask them to leave and cancel their own reservation. I don’t see this as your responsibility. Good luck, keep us posted!

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She just called me but I want everything on the Air platform, so I declined.

Do I ‘force’ them to cancel or just let it go knowing they are gone? Im leaning towards forcing them to cancel. Should I call Air to log my side, not sure I care enough to ‘fight’?

I’d leave the ball in their court and tell them everything has to be through ABB.

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I’ve often been worried about the power going out but it hasn’t happened yet. Here, it can go off when there’s a tiny tropical storm. So I’ve provided flashlights, plus games and books. I don’t know if that would keep guests happy in an outage but I hope so.

We’ve had the water go off a few times but we’ve been told in advance so I’ve been able to forewarn the guests and they’ve been fine about it. Thank goodness.

Stuff happens. Call Air and they will rehome them.

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Oh my gosh…a repeat of damn smokers!! Sorry you are going through this again.

I would call to get my side of the story documented first. I would tell Air exactly what time the power came back on. That way these people won’t get away with exaggerating how uninhabitable the place was. If they bother with trying to cancel, they will most likely use the angle that place was not as advertised. Then again, maybe Air has some clause that says power outage is just part of life…

And definitely state that they did not read house rules about smoking, and that’s probably the real reason why they were livid.

Please keep us updated.

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I think the bigger issue is the ‘No Smoking’. The power thing was just their way out. I agree not having power is a bit unsettling, and has happened to us in hotels. Maybe my response is different, in that I would give it a hour or two before seeking out alternative accommodations.

@jaquo I’m sure your guests would be more freaked about a storm than the power outage. Plus, I can’t imagine people coming to So Flo and not knowing the potential risk for Hurricanes :grin:

@felixcat Totally agree stuff happens, I just think these guests may have been over exaggerating the ‘stuff’ part because they wanted a smoking accomodation

@cabinhost Right!! I’m going to put a no smoking sign in my photos going forward! They actually asked me via Air message about the smoking and that they didn’t read the rules closely. Oddly it was the Dad that smoked, throw back to our other smoking guests.

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AND I just got a message:

I tried to cancel the reservation, and I found out that it is non-refundable. Is it possible to negotiate about this problem? Hope you can understand! the problem is not caused either by you or by me… I’m so sorry about the last minute cancellation

I don’t want to deal…UGH

I’m not sure what I’d do, maybe ignore. They just want to smoke. See if air contacts you.


Don’t you really want to write back and say “No, the problem is caused by you not reading my listing and seeing that there is No smoking here.” Ugh is right. Maybe your listing title could be “Beautiful Non-smoking apartment…”


I just added ‘Historic’ to the title after some people from Michigan slammed me for my flat/building being ‘old’…um, yes it is 150+ yrs old unlike you suburban tract home


If you decide to let them back in, make the smoker sign something that he will not smoke and if he does, you will collect damages through Air. Being Chinese, they’ll be loathe to tell their dad what to do.

There is a ZERO percent chance I am letting them stay…I agree that there is no way the Father will not smoke.

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