Potential guest requesting video of property

A guest messaged me on VRBO, wanting to book my place for 1 month. The guest then asked if I could send a video of my kitchen. Has anyone received similar requests? How did you handle it? And if you dont mind, sharing your thought process for the decision.

A prospective guest has not requested a video from me on VRBO, but I wouldn’t be reluctant to make and send one. In fact, I think you can make a video as part of your VRBO (not easily on Airbnb) listing and I just haven’t gotten around to doing that.

My thought process would be that this guest might ‘force’ me to do something I’ve wanted to do anyway,

A separate issue is taking on a tenant (likely created by a one month booking) vs a guest, but you didn’t ask about that. If interested in that topic, there are posts on that here on the forum and the web.

My knee-jerk reaction is that, just in case this individual is not entirely balanced, this action could trigger a cascade of additional burdensome behaviors. My usual response to requests for in-person tours, additional photos or videos is that my listing provides very detailed information and that the photos (which include a floor plan) should be sufficient. I am happy to address any concerns or questions they might have. There is probably a specific concern that the person should identify for you; perhaps that concern could then be addressed in a few words without you having to jump through hoops. If making a video was on your “to do” list, fine, but it should be you choosing when and what to film. (I should say, however, I have made exceptions in a few cases where desperate wives wanted to convince their husbands and needed a floor plan or a measurement or something. I went with my gut. It was worth it.)

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If you have a lot of good pictures already, just politely ask them what the video would show that the pictures don’t.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to get in and make a video any time soon. We have lots of pictures of the kitchen on our listing. What in particular are you hoping to see in the video?”


I would only send them pictures from different angles of the kitchen but not a video. I do find it odd.


I just find VRBO gets more “odd” requests by guests. Some of which are blatant scams.

Each request should probably be handled on a case by case basis. I’m just trying to think any negative results this request can yield, with the exception of losing time equity.

With that said, is there a safe way of sending the guest the video? Other than posting it on the listing. I thought I read somewhere that I can send them a youtube link through the VRBO messaging.

I asked, and the guest said that they want to see a video before they book.

I believe my listing has three pics, straight view and 2 opposite sides. Also a fourth that is from the kitchen’s point of view towards the living room.

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People have all kinds of weird fears. This guest may just be doing their version of vetting, just like hosts do. I think asking them about their concerns (and showing that you’re a real person) is a good approach

You can’t send them a video or any links through Vrbo. You used to be able to post a link to a YouTube video (it showed up as the third photo) by setting it in your owner dashboard, but I believe that option went away with the recent re-do of the formatting.

I’d just tell them you can’t send them a video before they book (it’s against Vrbo rules), but you are happy to answer any questions they have and can take measurements. If they aren’t happy with that, just tell them are sorry you are unable to help them and wish them luck in their search for a place to stay.

Added to clarify - you CAN send a link after the guest books.


Thank you to everyone that responded and provided their perspective. I do appreciate it.

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If ever a guest wants extra photos, videos or other unnecessary information, I simply tell them that my listing is 100% honest and I resent the implication that it is not.

If however, the guest had a good reason (although I can’t think of one) then I see no reason why not to comply with their wishes.

Yes, but why? 202020

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They were, for lack of a better word, evasive. I mentioned the pictures I posted cover every inch of the property, some from multiple angles. I even told them I was open to a Q&A to address any concerns or specific amenities they are seeeking.

Utimately, as PitonView mentioned above, I wouldnt be able to send them a video on VRBO’s messaging platform pre-booking.

It might be that you could post a YouTube video in your listing. VRBO help language says you can but it might be outdated by the last site overhaul as @PitonView suggests, I just don’t know.

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Evasiveness about something there’s no reason to be evasive about (like they aren’t being asked some personal question) seems like a red flag.


Very helpful, I will look into it. If it is allowed, then they probably reverted back after PitonView last checked.

I decided not provide a video for this guest request. However, I will continue to look at options to making videos for my properties to enhance my listing.

I just checked. I had a video linked to our listing, but it does not show up anymore.

I agree with @muddy - evasive about why they want a video is suspicious.

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Then let them book with another host. Sounds like they will be a pain anyway.

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