Possible fraud, something doesn't feel right

Hello fellow hosts :slightly_smiling_face:
Something has happened in the past hour and it has left a yucky taste in my mouth (lack of a better word)
I received a message through Airbnb about a houseguest requiring more information or pictures from my property because he says there’s another property listing with the same information and pictures that I have.
He sent me his personal number and asked me to respond through WhatsApp.
Then he kept insisting I check the property listing through a link he sent. In order to see that property I must log in using my personal Airbnb information. I used another Airbnb account email I have for another listing I co-host and 2 minutes later I get a message to that email saying someone is trying to log into my account. (I quickly logged into that Airbnb account and changed my password)

Anyways, I was wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else in here?

That’s a well known scam. Report to AIRBNB immediately and I hope you didn’t click on any links or enter any info anywhere. If so, change your info immediately .


And yes it’s happened to other people here. I just don’t recall who or the thread titles.


Scams are horrible. Thankfully I didn’t. I did log in with another account, but I changed the password just in case.


I did try looking in the thread titles but didn’t have any luck finding one similar to my concern. Thank you for replying though.

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If you Google Airbnb scams you will find this one come up on a regular basis and is all over the various host forums.

Why would you go off platform to communicate through what’s app? You must have clicked on the false link for them to have hacked into your second account.

Please report to Airbnb.

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Here are 3 relatively recent topics detailing this scam and variants that I found by doing a search for “scam” on this forum within the last 5 months.

I don’t know how long you’ve been hosting but if it’s for any length of time you must surely realise that this is a scam. And a pretty obvious one at that.

What also surprises me is that you took all that time to converse with this person on WhatsApp. Why did you do that?

By the way, you are aware that Airbnb properties have /rooms in the URL and not -rooms?

Nothing POSSIBLE about it. Totally fraud. Live and breathe by the credo NEVER CLICK A LINK!

Yes scam. Airbnb filters phone numbers and web addresses so this scammer went to effort to post a phone number so the filters would see it as text and not filter it.

The bad guys get sneakier every day

Thats a scam we are warned about . These are identity thieves.

definitely a scam - you see that the link is airbnb.room ==> the real airbnb is on airbnb.com.