Pool / Door alarms for Children's safety

Can anyone recommend a door alarm to protect children from wandering outside on their own and into danger, while also being adult / guest friendly allowing for bypass and preventing false alarms?

I don’t know anything about that type of alarm, but you might want to consider prevention vs. detection. For example, in my area, the building safety code specifies that all doors and gates into the pool area must be self-closing and automatic latching and the latch release must be at least 52 inches from the floor.


Thanks Brian,
We have similar code, with 1 more requirement where we need to have an alarm that sounds when a door leading to the pool is opened (to protect children).
I am looking for an alarm where an adult has 5-10 seconds to deactivate the alarm before it goes off and also allows the door to stay open to move freely in and out of the house.
Most guests will find the alarm annoying, but the ability to deactivate it will make it more user friendly.

A far safer policy.

Those “5-10 seconds” could potentially be the difference between a tragedy and good save.

Yep, they’re a pain at times but…



I’m pretty sure those types of alarms are required in Florida. When my kids were little we used to rent the same beach house every summer for a week. There was one door that led outside to the fenced yard with a pool. There was a very loud, very obnoxious alarm on that door. However, there was a way for an adult to disarm it before opening the door. As my daughter was particularly one to push the boundaries I was always glad that alarm was there. I wish I could remember the brand of the alarm.

We bought Yard Guard. It is may come up as a gate or window alarm but is designed to sound a 120db alarm. It has a bypass button on both sides of the door.

We might look at getting a different version since it isn’t possible to disable it for a longer period of time - like for those stays where it is just adults, it would be nice to allow them to turn it off during their stay.