Poll - How many Airbnb listings do you have?

I’m curious to see the gamut of types of hosts we have on the forum. Airbnb has been continuously criticized for having many “commercial” operators on their site but I’m curious to how many of us actually have multiple listings. Would also love to hear if running these listings has now replaced needing a job (oh the dream!).

  • 1 listing
  • 2 listings
  • 3 listings
  • 4 listings
  • 5+ listings
  • 10+ listings

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We were in the STR business long before AirBnB existed, and have 10+ listings in the same building.
AirBnB is just another selling platform for us.

We are not renting out residential properties, that are bought purely as investment, to make a quick buck.

We have bought and build this property purely for STR, we are licensed and comply to all laws and regulations.

The big problem are the investors that buy residential apartments and houses and turn it into an semi legal STR.

We’re just an elderly couple with a spare bedroom in our house (in Lancaster, UK) that we let out on a B&B basis - we get about 10 to 12 nights occupancy a month, which is all we can cope with! We only use AirBnB, we’re not on any other sites. We’ve been doing it for 18 months and we’ve loved meeting so many wonderful people. Perhaps we’re a bit old-fashioned, but I like to think that we’re truer to the original AirBnB model than a lot of other places?


I have 3 bedrooms I rent out variably, depending on whether I have academic students are staying or not. I live in Cambridge England

My rentals are a mixed group:

  1. Original rental 1 BR unit in coastal resort area. Primarily purchased for personal use with rental during the summer and other times when I am not using it personally. (I have the complexion of Casper the Friendly ghost. I don’t “do” the beach in the summer)

  2. 80/20% collaboration with my Dad. Purchased 2BR/2ba condo in the same neighborhood as 1BR condo to use primarily for investment with occasional personal use.

  3. Unit in North Carolina purchased to be 30-90 day rental: target audience traveling/temporary medical staff & people relocating to area. Decent occupancy. Good Guests. More work than I expected. Coastal rentals earn more although rental season is short.

To avoid capital gains taxes, I’m considering selling the home I live in, moving into this rental and using proceeds from sale of personal home to purchase another rental at the coast with the ultimate goal for me to move there in 8-10 years.

Can I live off the current income? No because all properties have mortgages. In 10 years when all are paid off, I can live off the rentals. However when I was laid-off work, my current rentals helped to stretch my severance pay from the 3 months I received to allowing me to go 9 months without a traditional job.

One problem I have in the way you posted the poll. Having multiple listings doesn’t necessarily make someone a commercial operator. We have 4 listings but their all in one home that we live in. I guess maybe a better way to ask is how many live in their rental or how many have multiple properties that they don’t live in.

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Everyone on Airbnb is a commercial operator. Unless there are a few people doing it for free.


I’m not implying that anyone that has multiple listings is a commercial operator - this is what detractors of Airbnb always claim. If that were the case, I’d be a commercial operator myself, which I definitely am not. I’m just curious to see how many of us have multiple listings vs. single listings.

i have 3 rooms in my home - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Multiple discrete (had to use that word @jaquo) listings is not the same as multiple rooms within a home. They may look the same on the poll but they aren’t.


We own a triplex. We live in one and rent the other two in Albuquerque, NM

Four rooms and a newly hatched one that is an experiment

@KKC I respectfully disagree. A listing is a listing, whether it be a couch in a shared room, a private room, a house, an apartment, a hotel room, a tree house, a houseboat, a camper or whatever the most unique listings are.

In my case I have a listing that is a private bedroom in my house and 3 separate listings at another house, 1 is for both bedrooms so exclusive use of the house, the other two are for one of each of the bedrooms listed by itself with the house so they could be sharing the house or have it to themselves (with the other bedroom locked) if there is no booking there.

I suppose it depends on what you are trying to figure out. Yes, I strongly disagree that a listing is a listing. For Cyn’s purpose they might all be the same and so you, for example, have 4 listings in 3 places. That’s not the same as 4 listings in one home as @justMandi has. But I’m probably looking at it from a guest perspective rather than a host perspective.

Even for very small investors there is a difference between them and someone hosting in the home where they live, in my not so humble opinion.

I agree with you that listings are different and to try and figure out different things different questions should be asked. The poll question was about listings though so that’s how we answer. My 4 listings are actually at 2 places.

I’m just starting. Renovating a duplex now. So I’ll have two listings in one location.