Police takedown , how do I review.?

That’s very useful information. I don’t use VRBO so I didn’t know that but it’s great for others to know if they do use that service.

Just to add, I stayed in a VRBO apartment last September. I received my deposit after the 14 days, but I could not find it in my bank account, so contacted VRBO. They somehow manage to refund the money in a way that shows it paid in on the same day that you paid it out, so I found it paid back at the end of August, not 14 days after my stay in October.

Not even the property owner was aware of this!

Yes, I do the same with VRBO, immediately release the deposit after house inspection - I include the info with my thank you email. VRBO has now stopped taking deposits. They will put a hold on the CC for your deposit amount, but no more actual deposits.

Are you still in control of the deposit? Or do you have to argue with them to claim on it like Airbnb?

Anecdotally speaking, they are far more host centric than Airbnb when it comes to claiming against security deposits.


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As long as I have been with VRBO I have never been in control of the deposit. It was collected and held by VRBO. So they got the float up front, then 14 days after check out.

I’ve never had to file a claim, but I suspect the onus is on the host to prove damage.

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Great info I did not know that. But just got an email that—no surprise— VRBO is changing their policy and will not be taking deposit upfront now as they feel this might deter bookings. I am disappointed. I rather liked that feature as I think it makes the guests more aware of their responsibility to be nice to our property. Will forward for those not aware


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Found the button to return the deposit , notified the guest that her deposit was coming back to her and that I did not realize this option was available. She was not too appreciative. I doubt I could do anything right at this point.She is just flat out pissed at me. Another lesson learned

I just changed to API through OwnerRes with VRBO and Air, with VRBO they are now out of the loop with the financials. The bookings go through me. I collect the money the day they book and put a hold on the CC for the deposit, no waiting to be paid. It is like I am being treated like an actual business. Imagine that.


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Have you five listings? VRBO/HA won’t, here in Europe let us access the API unless we list five or more separate properties.


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