Please take the time to buy decent mattresses for your unit

I’m in pain after 5 nights in a 2 Br ocean view Miami condo. The unit was awesome – clean, tons of room, host left out a pack and play and toddler bed for our kids which they loved, location was perfect for what we needed. After the first night, my husband woke up in pain and we tried the other bed the next night. I can’t believe how sore I am right now. If it weren’t for the crappy mattresses, we would have loved to return there.

People in my unit always mention how comfortable the bed is and how nice the sheets are – I spent $90 on a used Serta mattress via Craiglist. I tried 3 other beds through CL and walked away as I felt they were too soft. It took more time than I wanted and if I had known how much money the apt was going to make, i would have probably just had Costco deliver a $650 mattress. We paid over $1300 for our 5 nights (which is a totally fair price for the market) and I just wish she would put some of that money towards decent bedding. I can’t imagine she gets returning guests due to this issue.

So do I mention it in the review?


What was the issue? Too hard? Too soft? Too thin? Used beyond service life?

Absolutely. Mention how wonder all other aspects were but how you can’t return because of the mattresses and I bet you get a response that says she is changing them out. I found people like honest feedback. Though did you mention this during your trip via AirBnB messaging? I make sure to do that because most hosts will correct obvious issues, even a $650 mattress issue.

Mattresses are a matter of personal preference. I’ve had guests crack me for the so called saggy mattress and other thank me for the incredibly comfy one (firm Simmons about ten years old and hardly used when I started my air rental six years ago.) So I really don’t know what to think. Most guests don’t mention it.


I know of a Free Mattress promo going on…Just saying :joy:


post the link on here x

It really comes down to what the issue was. If there were springs poking out, that’s an issue. If you prefer a super pillowtop with 3 inches of gel pad on top, you might not find a firm bed all that appealing. Mattress tastes are too varied for a host to please everyone all the time. Leave a message in the private feedback. Have other guests mentioned it?

We have the exact same bed, mattress, pad, etc. in each bedroom. I’ve had people say they preferred one over the other. Bizarre.

Some nights I lie down in my own bed and it’s the most comfortable place in the world. Other nights I can’t get comfortable for all the tossing and turning an evening could provide.


I would only mention the soft mattresses in private feedback and just let her know you are mentioning it because you weren’t sure if others have also said they had the same experience. I like really rock hard mattresses. So I already know every mattress is going to be too soft. I wonder if she purposely furnished the place with the softest mattresses she could find, assuming the majority of people prefer that?

You could do a setup like some of the hotels do for higher-level rewards members when it comes to pillows and keep several mattresses of varying degrees of firmness in your storage closet and allow them to select their desired mattress when they book. :wink:



Just sent you a PM. any idea how long the promo lasts?

Mine order was processed on Friday and should ship on Tuesday! I have no idea how long it is going on.

I messaged you back with the info for the guy that is in charge of the promo.

Thanks! do you know if proof is required that the bed was set up at the listing I show? the reason I ask is right now we are working on getting the efficiency set up above the garage. This would be perfect to put in there as we were going to have buy a king mattress.

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I think the beds were foam, they were quite soft but I didn’t take the sheet off to check the mattress. I realize that mattress comfort is subjective, but I sleep on vacation rental beds at least 3x/year (including in Europe, Central America, Mexico, Caribbean) which means in the last 10 years, I’ve been on 30 mattresses and this is the first time I’ve left in back pain. My husband experienced the same thing.

I think a good rule of thumb for buying a mattress is stick with a name brand that is on the med-firm side. Buy a cheap dining room table or a cheap area rug – don’t buy a crappy mattress that will make your guests leave in pain. A good used mattress is infinitely superior to a brand new low quality mattress.

I will mention the bed issue to her Private Feedback.

Hi chicagohost,

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as buying a high quality medium/firm mattress. The vast majority of our guests have said that our beds are very comfortable. However, we recently had one guest who said that our mattress was too soft and one who said our mattress was too firm.


I know one traveler who packs a gel foam topper when they get on the road!

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Of course, one mattress CANNOT please the whims of every single guest. However, one mattress can be reasonably/acceptably comfortable for most of your guests & that’s all we can aspire for. I’m just suggesting that this not be an area where you go for the lowest quality option.

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I’m another host who has received both a ‘your bed was too firm’ and a ‘your bed was too soft’ comment from different guests of course. Agree, best to find a middle ground and go with it.

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I’ve had comments all over the map about my firm Simmons. Some love, some hate, most don’t comment. I bet with my new Tuft & Needle mattress they won’t complain as much!? In theory? We shall see! I just now got a notification from Fed Ex that it’s on its way. Still cannot believe it.


I still can’t grasp not being able to clean it. I know using a waterproof cover on it should prevent any possible issues?