Please list your regular expenese (with or without numbers)

I am trying to create a cashflow projection to present to a Gov department who give grants for startup businesses and need to create a list of all likely expenses.

I know I can make up a list form my head eg heating, accountant fees, payment portal and many more but I know I will miss many expenses.

It would be a big help to me and I assume other beginners if someone could add a large list - maybe just a copy of all the expense items yfrom your annual accounts.

I am not partticularly looking for actual $ or £ amounts - an item list is sufficient.

Thanks in advance ColinK

Coffee and tea service (if you provide it) as well as toilet paper and paper towels, shampoo, soap, etc
Repairs (payments made to electrician, plumber, carpenter)
Maintenance (service contracts for appliances)
Home improvements (any thing you added to increase the appeal and function of the home for guests) For example, remodeling the kitchen or bathroom.
Homeowners rental insurance
Interest on mortgage
Garbage pick up (if you pay for services)
Property taxes
Cleaning supplies
Cleaning service
Linens (Sheets, towels, quilts, etc)
Home office space
Tolls and gasoline
Advertising (if applicable)
Closing costs (if purchased home for business)
Magazine subscriptions (if applicable)
Landscaping services

@Colink every listing is different and we don’t know what you need to do to get your property ready to be listed, so your expenses aren’t necessarily the same as someone else, nor your start up costs.

Start by identifying the criteria for a grant - obviously you can’t expect a grant to cover your running costs such as heating or your Airbnb fees as they are ongoing costs and should be accounted for out of your profit.

You need to put together a budget for your start up costs, and a profit and loss set of accounts for your annual ongoing costs together with an estimate of how many days a year you are likely to let your place and at what rate. This will help you identify your likely profits.

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If you need to project your profitability, you probably should get an idea of the amount of consumables used as well as the frequency of replacement of items like dishes, linens, etc. I find guests consume more, stain more sheets and towels, break more dishes, etc., than I experience in my own home.

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It’s impossible for anyone here to give you the information you need as every host is different. Let me give you an example - the apartment below our main rental is also a STR. I have looked after this rental for the owner and the expenses are completely different.

The apartments are more or less the same - same floorplan, same view, same location … but the costs are very different indeed.

If you’re looking for a grant - and I’m surprised that a government department will issue one for a STR - then one thing you have to show above all else is that you have the business acumen and common sense to make it a success.

Using information that you get from random people at a forum isn’t going to do it, I’m afraid.

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Yes, and when we put solar on our home we used the first two months utilities bill to project usage and it turned out to be FAR short of our yearly average usage. I would say always anticipate utilities to be on the high side.


You’re so right! Things go missing, broken or perhaps thrown in the trash accidentally. I have so many queen sheet sets missing either the flat sheet or pillow case. Wash cloths tend to also disappear : (

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Cable TV and/or Netflix, Hulu etc
Home security monitoring
Beach passes
Parking permits
Hoa fees
Snacks and drinks
Damages not covered by insurance
Trash collection
Airbnb fees
Local government Permit fees
Cleaning supplies
Laundry supplies
Office supplies
Exterminator service

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Keypad or smart locks
Doorbell camera
Household furniture
Beds, mattresses, mattress protectors, linens, pillows
Pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, mugs glasses, small appliances such as toaster and coffee maker
Large appliances like fridge, oven
Washer and dryer
Iron plus board
Hair dryer
Trash cans
Bath towels and wash cloths
Dish towels
Shower curtains
Wall art
Window treatments
Carpet or rugs

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Food for the chickens the guests get to feed.
A share of fuel costs.

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Gin, Tonic and ice. …


Thanks - I appreciate you taking the time to suggest some items. Did not have toilet paper on my list :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your input. I know thaat no one persons expenses will match my situation.

It is good that some people listed things I might miss. I know enough about my situation to ignore some items eg parking permit.

Hopefully others will find the thread useful.

Thanks - I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Good point about you using fewer consumables than guests.

Thanks for your input. I was not expecting to get a full business proposal where all I have to do is search, replace and submit.

It is good that some people listed things I might miss (which is exactly what I asked for). I know enough about my situation to ignore some items eg parking permit.

Different jurisdictions - different grants.

Success or failure of the project will not hinge on the answers I get in this thread.

Thanks again.

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Thanks - I appreciate you taking the time to suggest some items.

Some less obvious things I have forgotten - then remembered:

  • website and app fees if you have your own website, hosting fees, etc.
  • do you use any apps for making pictograms or videos for your guests, or phone calls etc.
  • internet service at least partially, maybe even mobile phone why not you need it for the app!
  • interest on your mortgage
  • extra keys and remote controls